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Announcements post #155: Updates, classleads and other such things.

From: Zersiax
Subject: Updates, classleads and other such things.

Hello everyone,

Yours truly has been a little quiet over the last few weeks, but even though I've been quiet, I've been hard at work being a busybee all over the game in the mean time, creating fun new artifacts, working on accessibility improvements, running simulations, or cooperatively smashing a huge number of bugs (including a stomach one)!

What I've mostly been working on, however, are the well-renowned classleads. And we're finally at a point where we can start showing you all some of the fruits of our labor.
The weekly changelogs will return, as well as a weekly batch of classleads for you all to play with and provide feedback on. They'll get their own day of the week. I call it: Patch Thursday. Heh. ;)

Starmourn is a game that is shaped by its players, both in story and in mechanics. Classleads are part of that effort, and we welcome feedback on how we've implemented your suggestions!
I'm sure some particular poignant bit of feedback will somehow make it into the organic history that is Starmourn's lore as well, and in a few months we'll all laugh at that time when that one particular player fulminated with undisguised FURY over a painful nerf.

Alright, with that terrible pun, I'll hop off my soapbox and return to doing what I'm good at.
First batch of classleads going out tomorrow!

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