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Announcements post #151: Rainbows in November.

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Rainbows in November.

It's November, and that means it's getting darker and colder for most of you. So to lift all our spirits and bring some rainbows into this chilly month, the ever popular tesseracts are back! This time around, you'll be given one tesseract for every 25 credits you purchase, and for the first 100 credits you purchase, you'll receive 1 tesseract every 10 credits - that means you'll get 14 tesseracts for your first 100 credits.

This is our third time running a tesseract-centric promotion, and most of you are probably pretty familiar with how they work by now. Just in case you're not, though, here's a quick summary!

Tesseracts come in various colors, all of them starting off as blue. You may TURN <tesseract> <RED|GREEN|BLUE|GOLD|RAINBOW> to alter its color and the odds and kinds of prizes that are inside. Before we get to the prize list, let's look at the colors:

- BLUE : Standard, all of the prizes, balanced odds
- RED : Double the chance to get artifacts, but also double the chance to get credits and marks
- GREEN : Double the chance to get items, lower chance of everything else
- GOLD : TURN-ing to gold requires 5 tesseracts and combines all 5 of them into one. Prizes become 5x and there's only credits and artefacts inside. The Gold tesseract also contains a couple of arties that aren't available in the other tesseracts
- RAINBOW : TURN-ing to rainbow requires 5 tesseracts and combines all 5 of them into one. When you open this one, EVERYONE IN THE ROOM with you will receive a prize from the BLUE tesseract pool, including yourself. So gather your friends in the room before you open these up. If you get more than five people in the room, you're basically gaining value for free

NOTE: You can freely change the color any number of items before opening, but NOT if you turned to gold/rainbow. Those stay locked. They will also not be consumed by other gold/rainbow tesseracts.

And if you ever forget this stuff, or want to refer a friend, check out HELP TESSERACTS to see the above explanation whenever you want.

Now for the prizes! We are introducing three new artifacts this month:

Holographic Distortion Belt - Inspired by the light-bending technology developed by the artist formerly known as Silhouette, this low-profile accessory will allow you to fade completely from view for a short period of time by using ACTIVATE DISTORTIONFIELD. Unfortunately, the batteries required to run so many holographic projectors at once tend to run down fairly quickly, and will require an hour of passive recharge time before using it again. Not usable in combat.

Enhanced INR - With this artifact, your INRs will contain the full amount of experience you lose on death, rather than just a portion of it.

Expert Haggler - Increases your total sale value of junk by 5%

Other artifacts available in your tesseracts are:

-RoamTek Suspension Field: Prevents you from dropping your junk on death.
-Smartcore Stylist: Keep track of up to three unique sets of clothing, poses, and descriptions, donning whichever one is appropriate to the occasion.
-Neural Blinder: This wetwiring enhancement automatically detects channeled attacks and counteracts them once every 20 seconds.
-H.E.T.E. SlimFat 900: Allows you to CLONE BUILD <body type> in order to set a custom body build for your next clone. No more eating or exercising necessary!
-FeTek Cerebral Resequencer 1: Sets the cooldown of class switching to 12 hours, instead of 24.

You might also be lucky enough to win the following prizes:

A battered cardboard shipping crate - Some strange noises are coming from inside this box, which has been labeled 'Bloodfang's 100% Legal Exotic Export Service'. According to the shipping manifest, it has arrived by way of Hororeon. What could be in here?

A stasis field - This display stand is a sleek piece of minimalistic technology that holds a single item on display in a weightless stasis field. Show off your most prized possession using this device, preserving it from decay and protecting it from theft forever.

The latest issue of Urbane magazine - Glitz it up with the new Hedonist genekit, and sparkle like a statue in a shipping tycoon's private hotel suite.

The latest issue of Eat the Rich magazine - Wear your opinion of capitalism on your face with the latest and edgiest looks in countercultural fashion.

A Matter-of-Fact sustenance copier - This will allow you to print multiple copies of your favorite food or drink. By FOOD Incorporated.

You also have a chance to win a stout cleanbot, a holographic ad projector, smartpaint, mildly interesting things, various toys, random minipets, ship room unlocks, collectible card packets, credits, marks, lessons, and so much more.

Enjoy the rainbows, Starmourners. You deserve a little brightness in your life right now!
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