Announcements post #150: Happy Halloween, Mourners!

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From: Candy Bandit Soren
Subject: Happy Halloween, Mourners!

Happy Halloween to all you space pirates and ne'er-do-wells!

In case you weren't sick of masks yet this Halloween season, guess what! Damiel and I have added a fun little trick-or-treating-esque quest for you to play with. There are masks (tangentially) involved.

But at least there's no plague! Just candy!

Mask up (in real life) and eat copious amounts of candy (in game) - or, you know... eat copious amounts of candy in real life too, however you cope with 2020 is 100% valid. YOU'RE DOING GREAT.

Good vibes only,

(PS: I'm proud of you and I love you! Yes, you!)
(PPS: If candy you seek, look for a pretty sus masked Krona in your race's homeworld.)
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