Announcements post #145: Some changes to bounties.

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From: Zersiax
Subject: Some changes to bounties.

Hello everyone,

Over the last week or so, you may have noticed that bounties have changed a tiny bit. We've been hard at work making the system both more balanced as well as more fun, and have therefore made the following changes:
- When a bounty is placed on your head, you will now always receive a message in MSGS, rather than a notification. This way, it is easy to refer back to who bountied you, and why.
- A player can now only have two different bounties at once on their head. This number might get tweaked in the coming weeks.
- Bounties no longer automatically complete after the bounty hunter has killed their bounty. This is now done using the BOUNTY COMPLETE command, usable by the hunter.
Please note that you do not actually need to have killed the person in question in order to complete the bounty you've picked up. Want to shamelessly beg for mercy? Try to buy your hunter? Or maybe a hunter wants a favor done to make the bounty just ...quietly go away? RP away. :-)
- You can only complete one bounty every half an hour. Again, this number is subject to tweakage down the line.
We hope this makes the bounty system more dynamic and gives greater flexibility for those who would like to roleplay. We also wanted to give the person with a bounty more avenues than ...well ...being exploded to have the bounty dealt with. These changes are our first steps into making all this happen. Enjoy! :-)
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