Where'd everybody go?

ShrikShrik Member Posts: 7
I played during the initial opening launch and remember WHO being upwards of 100+ people constantly, but after logging on recently a few times I've noticed that it never gets higher than 5 or 10 people now.

What caused the massive exodus?


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    A lot of people played that first week or two, and then went back to whatever other game they were playing.  I don't think anyone expected to see numbers stay at that level. We dropped off after that to a more manageable 40ish players who stuck around for most of the first year. It's just been a slow attrition since then. Some would like more space activities, while others are frustrated by the low levels of PvP. Some decided the game wasn't for them and others, myself included, found that life had other plans for us than being able to log in on the reg.

    With that, there is a pretty stable core group that shows up and a stream of new players.   I myself think that things are moving along and that there are plenty of things to do. People who have left due to "lack of content" leave me scratching my head. I'm not short on things to do.  RP opportunities are also there, though you do have to be proactive. 
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    Poet, without you who is going to be my broody bashing buddy who I pester about the Void?
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    I'm back around! Hopefully the crazy in my life has passed. 2020 can go hang though.
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    For me it is the low population. It got too small to sustain the game experience I enjoy. There is certainly plenty to do, and many systems of the game feel quite polished now.

    But the game needs to retain players and offering support by continuing to play through low numbers turned into too much of a chore.

    There are many theories around why the population tanked in the last 12 months (when realistically pandemic ought to have increased the potential population). The reason is no doubt a combination of many things. Hopefully regular fixes and tweaks now with the new programmer can lead to the game leaving beta and opening officially.

    At this stage that seems like an event that could bring a large influx of people again and from there hopefully enough could be retained so there is a healthy population that is actually capable of supporting meaningful rp-pvp conflict, trade, ship battles, etc.

    The game honestly has a lot going for it and I could see myself playing it for years. Needs people though.
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