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Announcements post #141: Changelog 9/25/2020.

From: Zersiax
Subject: Changelog 9/25/2020.

Hello everyone,

It's been a rather eventful week with the xenohunt, the classlead last-minute scramble and the happenings around the crafting omnipasses of doom. Void, even time itself was completely altered seemingly overnight!
We've spent a lot of time this week squashing inevitable little issues that propped up as a consequence of all that. Yours truly did manage to sneak in a couple fixes and alterations though. Here goes:

- Cleaned up the syntax description for upgrading armor, as it was giving the wrong info.
- Fixed a bug with players getting the SHIP CLAIM message when they were not actually in the dynasty the ship belonged to.
- Made single-digit percentages on prompt tokens render with a leading 0, to stop confusing between level 12.5 and level 12.05, for example
- Gave a dynasty's founder2 some more power. They should now be able to take a much firmer hand in the way dynasties are ran.
- Polymorphed polymorphic augmentation chips into polymorphic augmentation fishes, so they are actually useful to society when animated.
- A whole bunch of fixes to time-based events, including time-based payments. I think we all saw how happily our faction guards reminded us of that fact. :-)

Classlead submissions have been closed, however commenting on already submitted entries is still possible and can be done until next week. The submissions for those will close a week after new classlead submissions were, so expect this deadline to be around 4 AM eastern on tuesday morning. That is 1 AM pacific, 9 AM GMT and 10 AM Central European Time.
In the meantime a bunch of things are in the works. Be it classlead processing, the enrichment of GMCP, accessibility fixes, cool new RP opportunities and rebalancings to space, the coming weeks and months will have plenty for everybody to enjoy.
That's all for this week, enjoy the game and definitely keep finding inventive ways to break the universe. :-)

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