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New Incursion/Xenoslayer type?

I know there's alot of other things in the works that are much higher in the priority list than this, and I am not, repeat NOT, seeking for this to be added immediately but the Vihana assault on the Gnomon Institute got me thinking of a new Incursion/Xenoslayer type deal, specifically geared towards the 75 and above crowd. It is currently late o'clock where I am and I wanna fish for additional ideas here on the forums.

Again, not wanting this implemented now, or within the next six months. Just something I want to discuss... largely because my love of the scifi genre is only matched by my love of zombie apocalypses.

Incoming semi-coherent text wall.
New 'xenoslayer' styled conflict activities, the Vihana swarm. Swarms can appear on planets, infecting local biology and need to be repelled. Plot reason: Ishvana was observing the results of the defence of the G.I. facility, and the Ishvana is now testing the possibility of overwhelming the spacer population by infecting a few key locations.

Incursion strength levels: Repelled, Scattered, Under Seige, Dire, Overrun, Infested

Repelled - Vihana presence is repelled, all hives destroyed
Scattered - Occasional encounters with Vihana-infected and Vihana lifeforms. No hive.
Under Seige - Significant infected population, medium Vihana presence. Three - four hives.
Dire - Rampant infection rates in local population, heavy Vihana presence. five - six hives.
Overrun - Near total infection, Vihana rampaging. Eight hives. Kith fluxuations.
Infested - Fully infested, Vihana entrenched in area. One overhive, protected by three minor hives that must be destroyed first.

Initial objective- culling infected population to draw out Vihana infector class.
Secondary objective - Eliminating behemoths and parasites
Threshold - After eliminating enough behemoths and parasites, the hive(s) are located.

Hive amounts vary depending on strength of incursion (strength is dictated by two factors, time and -player assistance-.)
Players can make the choice to either push back the incursion and remove the Vihana's presence, or accellerate the infection process by dumping corpses of mobs and players in the same room as hives. Effect of corpse dumping is capped, so as to not make it a simple game of 'who's the better basher' and just dump a bunch of trash mobs into the hive to trigger an instant win scenario, and getting caught doing this is grounds for PK.

Fully infested areas can be retaken, but it is substantially harder and require group effort.

Potential infection sites:
Northern Usum Usutti
Ixsei Desert
Deisk Underground
Prugita Breeding Colony
(all endgame bashing areas, so as to not result in newbies stumbling into this and dying horribly.)

Promoting the Ishvana's efforts grants Ishvana specific tokens, redeemable ... somewhere?

Obviously lacking in the consequence and reward department, though that's sort of intentional as I trend towards more punishing consequences for failure in my activities and generally not big on the rewards bit beyond 'good job, here's some shinies and money' at most, provided the consequences are dire enough. (hunting for nothing, existential threats for free lol)

I forgot I was going to call myself Ike while in chargen, so now I'm Zarrach.
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