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Announcements post #139: The Crafter's Omnipass.

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: The Crafter's Omnipass.

Hello, Starmourners!

Well, I have some good news and bad news. Let's get the bad news out of the way first.

On the 14th of September, I made an announcement stating that the Crafter's Omnipass was meant to drop as a "big prize" from the Mission Control grid every 100 and 200 shots. (See Announcement 135 for details).

Unfortunately, due to a bug we didn't catch, the prize has not been awarding properly. I take full responsibility for this error. I am very, very sorry it happened! I know a lot of you were very eager to obtain the pass. Unfortunately, due to the same faulty code, we have no way of tracking who exactly was eligible to win the pass.

So here's what I'll do. I guess you can call this part the good news. As recompense, I will be creating a list of players who have participated in the Mission Control game since the 14th and drawing three names. Those three names will get an Omnipass. (This is one more Omnipass than would have otherwise been awarded by the game, by the way.)

If you win an Omnipass, and have multiple characters, you'll be able to choose which of your characters you would like to have it. This drawing should happen before the end of the day, and the results will be announced.

I have also created a new creature. "A polymorphic augmentation fish." This bizarre fish, damaged by an unexplained hacking accident, lives in a hovering hydrosphere contained by discrete, localized forcefields. In other words, this state of the art aquatic pal can follow you around, and unlike most other fish, it will never die. This is a limited item that can be claimed before the end of September by anyone. To claim your apology minipet, go greet Sorriah Fuhktoop in Lamentations. One fish per character!

As of this writing, the bug has been fixed, and the pass should be awarded to someone in the next ten shots, and will award one more Omnipass 100 shots after that. Those will be the last Omnipasses awarded this month. (If it doesn't award an Omnipass, TELL ME RIGHT AWAY.)

Once again, I'm very sorry for this error. I'm going to do my utter best to make sure something like this never happens again! I know this isn't a perfect solution, but I hope you can take my attempts at recompense in good faith. Thank you!
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