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Announcements post #138: The Xenohunt is now active!

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: The Xenohunt is now active!

Thank you to all who participated in Starmourn's Time Crisis plotline. Depending on your actions and choices in game in the last month and a half, you may have received various titles or honors as a reward.

The next few days will be a lot of maintenance and cleanup of various things, so your patience while we do that is appreciated!

There will be a much longer announcement detailing the full extent of the changes coming soon, but for now, I'd like to welcome you all to the XENOHUNT, which will run from now until September 20th at 8pm! What's a Xenohunt, you ask? It's Starmourn's version of the Great Hunt, which you might be familiar with from other IRE games.

It means that the following things are now in effect:

- Double XP for hunting
- Each mob you kill that would grant you experience will grant you a number of points based on its level. Collect points and climb up on the %7XENOHUNT RANKINGS%. There are 3 brackets/tiers:
* below level 50
* levels 50-74
* levels 75 and onwards
If you enter a new bracket during the hunt, you will be ranked according to the new bracket. It is -not allowed- to manipulate your xp to go down in brackets in order to rank in a different bracket. Offenders will be disqualified from the Xenohunt. Once you reach level 75, it is unlikely that you will be ranked in the 50-74, even if you go down in level (see the next section for why)
- At the end of the Xenohunt, the top 6 players in each bracket will receive credit prizes:

1st: 300cr
2nd: 250cr
3rd: 200cr
4th: 150cr
5th: 100cr
6th: 50cr

The winner of each bracket will also get an honors line! That's obviously the real prize

- Also, simply by participating, you can win some prizes, by reaching the following point thresholds
100 Points = 5 Bound Credits
750 Points = 10 Bound Credits
2500 Points = 15 Bound Credits

- At any time you may use the XENOHUNT command to check out your score and see the current rankings

Good luck to all participants, happy hunting, and...have a great time.

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