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Announcements post #137: Changelog 18/10/2020.

From: Zersiax
Subject: Changelog 18/10/2020.

Hello Starmourners,

Another week, and another chance for me to address the masses. From the announcements category this time, no less. Seems it's an anomalous time! Heh ...get it? :P
Ok, before I get nommed by a time slip for that terrible pun, onto this week's updates:

- This week some more work was done on the projects I announced last week, namely the ability checkups and the captaincy XP rebalancings. Mostly stuff behind the scenes so far, but expect cool stuff in that space soonish.
- I've been helping out with the events this week, helping our storytellers make this a week for the Starmourn history books. Omniscient coder here, you aren't going to want to miss this one, folks.
- This week, a number of prompt tokens were added so you can easier keep track of your captaincy, hacking and talent point progress. A token for ship combat mode and cover was also added. Please note, this last one also includes the state of having climbed on top of something.
- This week we also have a number of accessibility fixes for screenreader users, mostly to do with quickly retrieving information. This may also be useful for some of the scripters among you. The output of these commands has been kept deliberately terse, as they are meant for users who turn off the prompt for the most part. Expect more reworkings for those among you who use screenreader mode going forward. For now, here goes:
- RES now returns the value of your first class resource
- RES2 does the same for your second class resource, should you be sane enough to possess it. ;) These two correspond to the class resource and class resource 2 prompt tokens.
- OPS , while hacking, now gives you your GigaOps.
- SHIP HEADING, similar to the @shipheading prompt token that was added previously, now gives you your ship's heading. The same goes for SHIP LOCATION giving you your current coordinates.
- SHIP PLOT TO <location> now gives you the coordinates and subsec for your search, without actually taking you there.
- The amount of marks your faction has access to is now visible to all members, not just your faction's leader.
- Space missions have been capped at 5 uncompleted passenger missions per faction station, as a next step to making this mechanic fun for everyone.

That's it for now. Have a lot of fun with the events the coming few days, and I'll see you all next week.
Oh ...daka, almost forgot. Classlead submissions will be open until next Monday, after which I will open the floor for comments. So if you have something to say regarding rebalancing classes or the like, let us know before the awesome that is the coming few days will distract you too much. :)

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