Hail to all of you

LitotesLitotes Member Posts: 1
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Hello out there,

i want to play starmourn.

i was never in MUDs, but this forum, the official site and all the stuff around made me wanting to play Starmourn.

thx and hail to all of you who make this project a good experience.

i am keen on taking part.





  • JaidynJaidyn Member Posts: 13
    Check out, play.starmourn.com to start playing online. If you want to use a client such as Mudlet it's starmourn.com port:23
  • JaidynJaidyn Member Posts: 13
    See you in there! 
  • EukeladeEukelade Administrator, Moderator Posts: 173 Starmourn staff
    Heya Litotes! Welcome to the game!  In addition to the forums we also have an official discord if you want to get help and answers to questions in real time. https://discord.gg/2e3WX3D 

    Hope you stick around and enjoy yourself. <3
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