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Perception towards kith and its users

I wanted to write an entry in the thread that @Cen started, since I'm excited to start fleshing out some of the potential race/org combinations for my Fury. I realized, though, that I don't know very much about what the perception is towards modern kith users. The Rek are naturally all about star kith, and the Ibyssian Brotherhood kills star kith users on birth.

But what about the rest of the sector? If the answer is just "wait and see" for now, I'm okay with that. If not, I'm curious about many ideas related to kith (star kith in particular, but I guess void kith also applies).

Is everybody sensitive to it? Obviously all players have the potential, but lore-wise is it a common occurrence to be a kith wielder? 
Do societies see kith wielders as blessed? Cursed?
How does kith feel to those wielding it? Does it vary by person? Does the user always feel energized, or think more clearly, or have heightened awareness when using it?
When in development do people generally become "kith sensitive"? Born that way? Can an adult suddenly gain the ability? 


  • I think for the views on kith that it'll probably go similarly to how magic/the force and the like are often variably seen.
    Kith is just a scientifically explainable tool, Kith is dark and light and the side you use has deep meaning, Kith is witchcraft burn the users, etc
    For example, I'd expect less advanced civs will probably be more likely to think of it in terms of a blessing or curse.
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  • This is the reason why I didn't add anything in my little story about Kith, but instead focused on her feeble attempts to mend her glove. I am hoping there's some more info eventually, but until then I just felt it would be nice to describe my character's attitude.
  • I was browsing earlier posts and stumbled upon this answer from @Aurelius

    "Some people can use kith, some can't. Sometimes kith-use may manifest later in life. Sometimes it may disappear. Some races are more amenable to kith use, some, like the Bushraki, have absolutely no command over kith. (...) Gotta have mysteries and some things are better not explained! See midichlorians..."

    Wish I had read this before making a semi-redundant post. At least the public perception part can still be a bit of a discussion. I like this bit that Sairys said:
    I'd expect less advanced civs will probably be more likely to think of it in terms of a blessing or curse.
    I'd be particularly interested in the Ibyssian Brotherhood's rationale for their intolerance. 
  • The Lha Ti were specifically engineered to wield Void Kith and the Corran's are mentioned as having legendary void-powered shock troops.

    That seems like it would lend them to being really void focused, perhaps seeing Star Kith as lesser even. 
    If you combine that with the tendency for the personalities of Star Kith users to be volatile and unpredictable which would be at odds with the, likely, far more prominent calm rationality and serenity of Void Kith users. 

    Probably also have some rationalisations that Star Kith within the Brotherhood has actively detrimental if not dangerous effects, maybe even something about the potential for it to weaken their Void Kith through breeding?
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