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Announcements post #135: New Mission Control Prizes!

edited September 2020 in Announce Posts
From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: New Mission Control Prizes!

A little mid-month surprise for you all, Starmourners. Mission Control has some sparkling new prizes for you!

In addition to everything listed in announcement post #130 (which is all still available), we have added the following NEW artifacts:

Smartcore Stylist
The Smartcore personal stylist is a piece of must-have new tech for every socialite, allowing you to keep track of up to three unique sets of clothing, poses, and descriptions, and quickly don whichever one strikes your fancy.

We have also added:
Artist's Heritage - reduce your performance cooldowns by 33%
H.E.T.E. Military Discounts - reduce mark costs on death by 90% if killed by another player (Does not stack with the usual 90% discounts)
Sector Scanner - Allows you to SHIP SECTORSCAN, giving you an indication of how many mineable asteroids and gas clouds are in your sector.

Some new decor and toys for your ship you have a chance of snagging are:
An austere meditation cushion
An emerald-green area rug
An air freshener
A snowglobe display case
A silver microphone

Not only that, but we have once again added a BIG PRIZE - a Crafter's Omnipass will be awarded to a lucky player every 100 or 200 shots.

Good luck with the game show, everyone, and have a great week!
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