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Announcements post #134: Band rewards (titles galore!)

From: Sonic Savant Damiel
Subject: Band rewards (titles galore!)

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my first ever announcement. It's to do with PERFORMANCE BAND and it comes with many exciting new incremental rewards!

We've added a brand new honor - topband - (with featurable honors line) to any band that becomes #1 in RANKINGS BAND.

We've also added titles and rewards to each tier of the band_popularity honors path, the first two of which are straightforward titles to go with your success.

Band popularity 25 - "Opening Act"
Band popularity 75 - "Rising Star"

However, when you reach band popularity 150, however, you will be sent a very special and very glitzy award from the committee at Sector Star Entertainments, which will give you the option to CHOOSE your new title depending on your performance style. The EVIL thing is that you may only choose ONE - you're welcome -maniacal laugh-. The options are:
"Rock Star"
"Punk Rocker"
"Folk Hero"
"Pop Star"
"Sonic Savant"

THEN when you reach band popularity 225 (sector-wide fame!) you will recieve a datacard directly from the CEO of LUCENT, with instructions about how to submit 5 of your songs to be added to the LUCENT playlist, and how to submit your band bio for the 'Hall of Fame'! (The Starmourn Wiki, to you and I).
This one ALSO comes with the title: "Megastar".

When you finally reach the lofty heights of #1 Band you will recieve the aforementioned honors line, as well as being granted the snazzy new title: "Interstellar Idol".

So... get cracking! I hope to see some of you all performing your way to the top of the charts very soon.

Thanks very much to Zersiax and Eukelade for their support with getting the coding parts done!


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