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Announcements post #132: Classleads, Once more, with Feeling!

From: Zersiax
Subject: Classleads, Once more, with Feeling!

Hello everyone,

Last year in December we held the last round of classleads. Then, work was done on said classleads.
And then a whole lot of time went by. And we still have open classleads, but time has not left Starmourn, nor it's combat, untouched.
Therefore, we are reopening classlead submissions from september 7th onwards to get a fresh perspective on things.
Obviously, the classleads that are already there aren't just going to be tossed out. People have put hard work and effort into those and they will be kept on file. This just gives us a chance to see what is foremost on combatants' minds at present.

One thing to note is that this time around, we are going to have a small addition to the classleads.
In the last round of classleads, the topic of afflictions came up quite a bit. We are therefore expanding the classleads, which are meant for players to have a platform to point out problems with class abilities, to include a way to flag similar issues to the various afflictions out there.
This is a bit of a first, and it will work a tad differently to regular classlead reports.
Due to the way the classleads code works, we are unable to make a separate category for afflictions, but we still want to work on them. Therefore, we will be asking you to file any afflictions suggestions you have as bugs, with the first word of your bug being CLASSLEAD_AFFLICTIONS. This lets us properly categorize them.
We do have a few conditions We'd like you all to keep to where this is concerned, to keep things fair for everyone:

- If you can submit a class lead, you can submit a proposal for afflictions. We kindly ask you to only file these if the game lets you submit classleads.
- As you can have 10 classleads per person, we kindly ask you to limit your submissions for afflictions to 5. These will not count towards your 10 classleads total.

That's enough of my jabbering. Play, make merry, experiment and get ready to tell us all the ways you want abilities and afflictions to improve. :-)



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