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Announcements post #131: Weekly Update.

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Weekly Update.

To keep our weekly changelogs from being lost in the scroll of the Updates news list (which is much more active these days due to Zersiax being a busy bee), I'm going to start posting them over here, in Announcements!

So, let's review what's changed in Starmourn over the past week:

- Another event on Thursday! The spacer formerly known as Fl..i//[ERROR: FILE NOT FOUND]p --//#*%%%- ia and now known as Flipilaria was rescued from time jail.
- New planet/areas revealed! Summary in events post #15
- FRAY vanity rewards added for purchase with FRAY credits
- A couple of major bugs related to Station Missions were smushed, a new QOL feature added
- Work begun on item customization backlog
- A couple tweaks to Engineers to make them less squishy
- Website updated
- Sale switchover
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