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Announcements post #130: Explode Into September.

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Explode Into September.

A new month means we are one month closer to being done with 2020. Almost as importantly, it means a new sale in Starmourn! Everyone's favorite gameshow, Mission Control, is taking center stage again!

You may purchase missile batteries on the website to play in this game, as well as obtain missiles that assemble into a battery by either listening in to the MUDS channel or by doing the daily xenobounty. As you may remember, doing the daily xenobounty while Mission Control is active will reward you with 1-2 missiles which you need to assemble the battery.

Check out HELP MISSIONCONTROL for more details on how to play!

As usual, for every 25 shots that faction members fire, a free missile battery will be given to all those online in that faction (this free shot doesn't count towards charging up another 25 shots and it has a slightly different name so you can tell it apart). Check how close the faction is to a free shot by using MISSIONCONTROL BONUS.

On to the prizes! Check out MISSIONCONTROL PRIZES for a complete list, but I'll highlight what's new and flashy in this post.

New Artifacts:

Y'saari Voidgate Walking Permit - Like the shipboard equivalent, this permit, issued by the Y'saari, waives your fee to pass through a voidgate.

Available for straight credit purchase (i.e. not found on the Mission Control grid) is the new Extra Trade Terminal Slots artifact (extra_tt_slots) which is an artie that gives you one extra shop in each TT network. Stackable up to 3.

Other Artifacts in Mission Control:

and more!

New Items:

A LiteReel Elite personal holoprojection kit - Create your own movies with this suite of projection hardware and holo-editing software. Play to a crowd or just a small group of friends. The latest and greatest in home-editing kits by LiteVision Solutions.

A Matter-of-Fact sustenance copier - Not a fan of cooking? Need to cater a party quickly? Tired of paying out the nose for GurgleBursters? Try the Matter-of-Fact sustenance copier, which will allow you to print multiple copies of your favorite food or drink. By FOOD Incorporated.

A plant-filled terrarium - If you like the idea of having a small pet, but are put off by how fish flop around and how damp they are, why not try a terrarium? Suitable for keeping any number of pets happy to live on dry land. Critter food now available for purchase in pet stores across the sector.

A nanoplastic critter box - There are a few different critters available in this box - try out a miniature ice crab, a miniature coral creeper, a miniature crowned lizard, or get lucky with a leesa bug and start your own leesa-skin farm. Careful, though - these leesa can be kind of hard to catch.

An empty holo-formed picture frame - Display your holo-photos in style and preserve precious memories forever with this picture frame, which comes with several different display options. (Also available is the trendy insta-holo camera, so you can make the memories to go into these frames).

A corrupted gene sample canister - Something has gone wrong with this gene sample canister from the Gnomon Institute - what kind of mixed-up customizations could be inside?

A vacc-needle stimpack - This disposable, one-time-use item will allow you to rejuvenate your health up to 50%. Has a 3 second balance cost.

Also available on the grid are the usual credits, card packets, lessons, ship room unlocks, and more. Best of luck to you, Starmourners. May your aim be true!
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