Announcements post #128: August Sale Updated.

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From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: August Sale Updated.

To keep things interesting during the month of August, the prizes now available in our tesseracts have been spiced up a bit with some blasts from the past.

Instead of the Singularity XP artifacts and the portable Scrap-o-Tron, you now have a chance to win the following artifacts:

- Optical Enhancements: Allows you to GLANCE through closed doors
- Emergency Life Support: Whenever you take fatal damage, you will heal for 25% of your maximum health ( 1 hour cooldown).
- Portable Heartstart: Allows you to OPERATE HEARTSTART once an hour to revive a dead player.
- RoamTek Suspension Field: Prevents you from dropping your junk on death.

In addition, you can now find a toy top of shining palladium, a limited edition bobblehead box (with one of five Battlemaster bobbleheads available inside), and a Warmaster5000 frame (for assembling the Warmaster5000 bobblehead bot).

A few promo-only artifacts have also been made available for regular credit purchase. They are the following:

Workflow Automator: The Workflow Automator is automatically installed in all your refineries and autofactories and allows you to control all their operations remotely.
Space Station Datalink: Allows you to check STATION PIRATE REFINERIES without needing to be docked at a station.
Data Ghosting: This is an illegal INR aftermarket hack that will periodically send haunting projections to anyone holding one of your INRs.
Hete Teleport: - Allows you to ACTIVATE HETE TRANSPORT within 3 minutes of your last death and be teleported to the spot where you died. 30 minutes cooldown.

Good luck, spacers!
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