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I've loved everything I've read about the Starmourn races so far. I like how varied they all are, especially the non-playable races. I've read a lot of the information that has been put on the site and the wiki, but I'll likely have missed a lot too. 

There are two race concepts I really like and I'm wondering if there's something like them yet that I've missed. The first is AI. I don't mean like the Ishvana, but more like a playable race that is entirely sentient android-style beings. Would this be impossible because of combat restrictions? I suppose if wetwiring requires organic components then AI-style playable races will never happen. Maybe the Bushraki is the closest it gets?

The second is based on a Stormlight Archive Parshendi kind of hivemind concept (I know they're not really a hivemind). But the concept of their songs is absolutely fascinating to me. Is there anything in Starmourn right now that resembles this? Even if it's not a playable race. 

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    I have no idea about the Stormlight Archive, the only thing that came to mind were the Nath-el, namely for their humming and the hive bit? http://www.starmourn.com/races/nath-el/
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    Heya ^_^

    I'd guess Androids would fall into issues with combat yeah. Like bleeding and pain type afflictions could be weird, same thing happens when you look at races that don't map to a humanoid shape (like having four arms). Something like a brain case from GITS in an otherwise human body could work, but mental afflictions might be weird with it.

    Also, yay Stormlight ^_^ Nusrizan language might be the most similar to the various songs that the Parshendi tune to for player races.

    Nath-el are mentioned as humming but I think the communication is more in the dance for them and in the other direction Shen aetherscapes are more intense than I read the songs as and the need for an anechoic chamber probably goes against it being useful for communication.
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    Would it not make sense for androids being more alike to synthetic humans or even a sub type of each race... (Level 100 content, skree!)

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    I recall another thread talking about mechanic advantages at level 100. I think that would be a pretty cool way of going about it, especially given the precedent that exists with Bushraki and Ishvana. Then the problem with bleeding/pain afflictions or the like wouldn't be a problem, it'd be a feature

    I guess an AI-themed player race doesn't seem like a very probable thing to see implemented, but one can wish. 
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    So it's pretty common in science fiction that android bodies become fairly organic (even the ones in GitS are fairly organic, yes those are robotic bodies not real ones), so you could still have bleed/weakening effects. THe main thing is from a designers standpoint is how do you realistically bring an Android into balance without stripping away what people are going to expect out of a synthetic form. You would see increased speed, strength and stamina out of a mainly artificial lifeform since it can be 'programmed' to be more efficient than natural organic life. Things like these is why I don't think we'll see android player races, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to see them! 
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    I honestly have that question about 'how do afflictions that work on everyone else affect BEASTS?'
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    Pollivar said:
    I honestly have that question about 'how do afflictions that work on everyone else affect BEASTS?'
    Suspension of disbelief  ;)
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