Announcements post #126: August - It's Time for Tesseracts.

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From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: August - It's Time for Tesseracts.

Appropriately enough for the events currently unfolding in Starmourn, our sale this August is tesseracts. If you were here in May, you'll recall that tesseracts are a choose-your-own-adventure type of prize, giving you a few different categories and colors to pick from.

For the uninitiated, a quick explanation:

The tesseracts come in various colors, all of them starting off as blue. You may TURN <tesseract> <RED|GREEN|BLUE|GOLD|RAINBOW> to alter its color and the odds and kinds of prizes that are inside. Before we get to the prize list, let's look at the colors:

- BLUE : Standard, all of the prizes, balanced odds
- RED : Double the chance to get artifacts, but also double the chance to get credits and marks
- GREEN : Double the chance to get items, lower chance of everything else
- GOLD : TURN-ing to gold requires 5 tesseracts and combines all 5 of them into one. Prizes become 5x and there's only credits and artifacts inside. The Gold tesseract also contains a couple of arties that aren't available in the other tesseracts
- RAINBOW : TURN-ing to rainbow requires 5 tesseracts and combines all 5 of them into one. When you open this one, EVERYONE IN THE ROOM with you will receive a prize from the BLUE tesseract pool, including yourself. So gather your friends in the room before you open these up. If you get more than five people in the room, you're basically gaining value for free!

NOTE: You can freely change the color any number of items before opening, but NOT if you turned to gold/rainbow. Those stay locked. They will also not be consumed by other gold/rainbow tesseracts.

You might have already guessed it, but our theme this month is all about manipulating space and time. Here's our prize pool!

Singularity Theory - Captaincy, Hacking, and Base
When your character has less of the listed experience type than the highest amount of that experience type on your account, you gain 50% more of that experience type. For example, if you already have a badass hacker and win this artie with someone still starting out, the hacking experience you gain for that character will double.

Portable Scrapotron - When you're busy defending your city, it's a slog traveling all the way back to the Quickmark with the spoils of war. This device will let you sell your junk anywhere.

Portable Repair - Those anomalies sure hit hard - help keep your armor and weapons ready to go with this portable repair bot.

Rejuvenation Beam (NEW) - Control the flow of time in your own body with this mysterious rejuvenation beam.

Time Bomb (NEW) - Unstable but undeniably useful, activate this orb to recieve a beneficial some point.

Clock Stopper (NEW) - Where you're going, you don't need roads. This reality-warping wristband will remember where you've been and what state you were in when you were there - and it will take you back in time whenever you need to go.

a clock-faced autofeeder - bad for telling time, great for feeding fish.
an oval-shaped prism of fractured light - There's something...different about this thing.
an anomaly containment unit - Surely someone will have a use for this, right?
a gene sample canister - Look your venerable best, or put on a fresh young face. Time is what we make of it.
A random ship room - New this month is a shipboard gene clinic so you can modify your appearance with the latest in cosmetic enhancement technology.
a RoamTek warpbag - Put your stuff in your ship no matter where you are. Warning: using this warpbag while trapped in the past may have disappointing results.
an aerosol can of smartpaint - What if the first person who started graffiting Oldtown...was you?
a clear nanoplastic baggie - Now featuring EVERY fish available from every past promotion. Missed collecting fish at Winterflame? You've got a second chance.
a cozy pet bed - Pamper your favorite pets to make up for leaving them out of the fun.
a thorny hinka vine in a decorative pot - This exotic vine puts out ethereal green flowers - but only once a year. Don't miss it!

- random minipets
- collectible card packets
- 7-20 credits
- 50 lessons
- 25000 marks
- mildly interesting things

Hope you have the time of your lives collecting prizes this month, Starmourn. I'm sure we'll be seeing you out there somewhen soon!
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