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Announcements post #121: Rankings Restoration.

From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Rankings Restoration.

Greetings, Starmourners.

As most of you know, yesterday we experienced a server malfunction that forced us to roll back the game by about ten hours.

Unfortunately, one of the consequences of this rollback is that for a lot of people, exploration status (rankings and stations) has been corrupted or lost.

The good news is that we can restore these statuses to whatever they were before the rollback, but the bad news is it will have to be restored on a per person basis, because that's how the records are saved in our database.

Keep in mind that if your rankings have gone higher than they were before the outage, "restoring" them might remove that progress - so if you're happy with what you see, don't issue! If things are very clearly wrong for you, issue, and we'll get on it asap.

Thanks for your patience as we sort this out - and we are sorry for the inconvenience!

tl;dr: If your exploration status is incorrect and you don't like it, issue and we will get to it as soon as we can. Note that this will restore their status to how they were before the rollback.
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