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Piloting QoL + Ideas

edited June 2020 in Feedback
So I've been trying to enjoy space combat for a while now. It's fun but frankly isn't really worth it. Except for incursions, those are worth the time for marks. They're just extremely boring. I understand Ilyos is trying to update and enhance the ship AI, and I'm super excited to see how that turns out. So accepting the AI will get better, here are some issues I have with things to do in space:
-Assaulting pirate stations gives next to zero captaincy XP. I generally bring along help to hack, which is cool. A semi-group event, we don't have enough of those. However, the pilot gains nearly nothing in character advancement.
-Several "hard" incursions are laughable. Looking at you, devourers.
-There is no 'end game' content really. Cp assaults I suppose, but again platforms don't seem to give any real captaincy xp for some reason. However, that's end game pvp, which is good, but not end game pve space content.

Ship Crews and Armadas.
So with the addition of Dynasty ships, we noticed something VERY cool. People can crew a ship. One person can fly, one person can target, one person can fire. Everyone can beacon. Or any mix of the above. It's super fun! And all ships should be able to do this. Imagine a SHIP PERMISSIONS command, that gives you a list of like. Doors, beacon. weapons, piloting, captain. And you can use the current permissions tags to assign rights to those powers. Boom, instant fun crew events!
//To really highlight my issue. We are a SPACE based Multi-User Dungeon. Our /spaceships/ are anti-social. It's backward feeling.

But what about the multi-ship activity! Well, frankly, Cp or bust I guess? Or larger pirate factories. But again it's more of a 'we're here together I guess' than a group activity. Maybe add a few new higher skills to Captaincy? A taunt, that pulls aggro for 10 seconds? A coordinated fire command that boosts damage for all ships effected for 10 seconds? The ability to heal other ships? Could make an entire ship class around this. Healing and tanking support hull.

End game space content:
None exists really for combat nor mining. How about an event for both!? Every so often conflict announces "A swarm of pirate ships has been seen chasing Ishvana debris in sector Rs-1234!". Boom, we're off to the races. You need a super hauler with a special mining laser mod, or just the tractor beam, or maybe both! You rush out to find the spawned item. Anchor it down, and start drilling. But wait! NPCS are already there and need clearing out. And more and more arrive as you work! So you need to hire escort pilots! These can be tiered events, with easy enough for one escort to hard enough for several being required. And there can be really rare, extremely profitable spawns that become free pvp, allowing for even bigger brawls.

Just some thoughts. It's extremely boring out there right now.
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