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Announcements post #116: June in Starmourn.

From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: June in Starmourn.

Greetings Starmourners,

This June, we're going to continue working on "ship stuff". I still want to roll out those missions from last month but I started working on updating the back end of ships and AI a bit, so it's taking a while. Also, related to this, we've seen your ideas and thoughts on modules, gathering and components and will try to incorporate some of those into the game.

Because it's still about ships, %7MISSION CONTROL% is back as our monthly promo. You may purchase missile batteries on the website to play in this game, as well as obtain missiles that assemble into a battery by either listening in to the MUDS channel or by doing the daily xenobounty.
NOTE: The xenobounty no longer grants a random mod this month, just counts for the daily credit task and grants 1-2 missiles for the promo battery.
%7HELP MISSIONCONTROL% has all the info you need on how to find and play this game.

Since you all enjoyed the Tesseract interaction from last month where you could share prizes with everyone, the MISSION CONTROL game now has a new faction-wide feature: for every 25 shots that faction members fire, a free missile battery will be given to all those online in that faction (this free shot doesn't count towards charging up another 25 shots and it has a slightly different name so you can tell it apart). Check how close the faction is to a free shot by using %7MISSIONCONTROL BONUS%.

You can check the full prize list by looking at %7MISSIONCONTROL PRIZES%, but let's talk about some of the new prizes in the list:

The latest issue of Urbane - In this issue, Urbane takes a close look at the chic, deep-ocean-inspired styles straight off the runways of Atilan.

The latest issue of Downhome Spacer - Let's soak up the sun, baby! In this issue, beach waves, bleached tusks, and sunburns abound.

The latest issue of The Galactic Pilot - Take a look at the vintage ship styles of old Earth - our subscribers will recieve the specs for a space makeover!

A huge wooden crate - There's something moving in this crate...and hmm, it seems to smell a bit. What could be in there? See HELP ADKBAZ for more.

A peaceful shipboard aquarium - Fish enthusiast? Then this new ship room is a must have - it comes equipped with six fishtanks and six autofeeders for a combined, worry free storage capacity of 148. It's also flagged as a water room, so your fishies not confined to tanks can swim freely.

A high-tech sound studio - If you jones for cheers, crave a crowd, and just can't get enough of the spotlight, make sure to install this room on your ship - it comes equipped with everything you need to practice your latest performance!

(Artifact power)Improved Scoops - doubles the scoop capacity on your ship's scoops
(Artifact power)Message Beacon - This beacon allows you to use %7SHIP MESSAGEBEACON <message>% and deploy ...well... a message beacon in space. The message is visible whenever someone in range does a %7SHIP BEACON% command and the beacon itself is visible on the overhead map. They last for 24 hours before they decay and you can drop one every hour. Advertise responsibly!
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