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The end of the world, as we know it?

Yo guys! So, we all know the world is a little screwy right now, what with the supposed pandemic we're facing. But! I'm not here to talk about what we've been told, I'm here to see what you guys think. I've talked to others, and some of them seem to think this is a conspiracy - so I want to know, hypothetically of course, just what the flip do you guys think is going on?

Also, if you guys are observing all the recommendations from the government - how're you surviving the day-to-day of being a hermit?


  • Man are you sure you wanna open the barrel of worms this could be?? This crisis is bad enough as it is, and I deleted several paragraphs before I submitted this post. We come to Starmourn to get away from reality, man. Keep the crisis there.
    I forgot I was going to call myself Ike while in chargen, so now I'm Zarrach.
  • As a hospital worker, I can promise you it's extremely real.
  • That's fair. I was hoping to spark some discussion, but, I will respect.
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