Announcements post #114: May promotion.

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From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: May promotion.

Our May promotion comes in the form of tesseracts. If you're familiar with other IRE titles, they're kinda like giftbags. This means that for every 25 credits you purchase, you will get one of these tesseracts for free, as a bonus. For the first 100 credits your purchase, you get one tesseract for every 10 credits (so for your first 100 credits you will get 14 tesseracts. Nifty!) Each of them holds a prize inside and you may OPEN the tesseract to claim it.

The tesseracts come in various colors, all of them starting off as blue. You may TURN <tesseract> <RED|GREEN|BLUE|GOLD|RAINBOW> to alter its color and the odds and kinds of prizes that are inside. Before we get to the prize list, let's look at the colors:

- BLUE : Standard, all of the prizes, balanced odds
- RED : Double the chance to get artifacts, but also double the chance to get credits and marks
- GREEN : Double the chance to get items, lower chance of everything else
- GOLD : TURN-ing to gold requires 5 tesseracts and combines all 5 of them into one. Prizes become 5x and there's only credits and artefacts inside. The Gold tesseract also contains a couple of arties that aren't available in the other tesseracts
- RAINBOW : TURN-ing to rainbow requires 5 tesseracts and combines all 5 of them into one. When you open this one, EVERYONE IN THE ROOM with you will receive a prize from the BLUE tesseract pool, including yourself. So gather your friends in the room before you open these up. If you get more than five people in the room, you're basically gaining value for free

NOTE: You can freely change the color any number of items before opening, but NOT if you turned to gold/rainbow. Those stay locked. They will also not be consumed by other gold/rainbow tesseracts.

Since we're doing ships this month, there's a lot of ship-themed artifacts...well...only ship themed arties

%7Prize pool%

- ship_hyperscan_1
- ship_free_voidgate
- ship_enemy_detector
- ship_cargo_recover
- ship_bring
- ship_beacon_1 & 2
- ship_anonymity
- ship_illusion
- ship_weapon_range (NEW) - Adds lenience to the optimum range of your ship weapons, extending the optimal range to +1/-1 SU. (For example, you will do max damage at 5,6 and 7 tiles away from your target, instead of just 6, when using a standard cannon). Does not have any effect on the damage falloff when outside this range.


- A large fish tank - As it says, bigger capacity than your standard tank
- a blue-blossoming autofeeder
- a botanical dehydrator - allows you to dry flowers and also to obtain flower seeds
- a simple vase
- an elaborate hookah - flavor it with all sorts of flowery aromas
- a holocard album - the perfect way to preserve all those holocard photos you took
- a telas ball - This unique toy offers simple answers while several stores within the Starmourn sector carry special modules that need to put into the telas ball to give it additional answers. Turn the telas ball with both hands to bring up the setting control panel. Modules do not work without a telas ball. SHAKE TELASBALL after asking a question to get a response.
- a gardener's starter kit
- a transponder registration chip
- an experimental matter reorganizer
- a destroyer's broadcasater
- a cut-glass bottle of perfume
- a heart-shaped box of cholates
- a premium white leather mask box

- random minipets
- collectible card packets
- 7-20 credits
- 50 lessons
- 25000 marks
- atomic matter articulator

%7GOLD Prizes%
- All of the above artifacts
- ship_weapon_falloff - Ship Weapon damage falloff reduced by 33% when shooting targets further away than optimal range. In other words, allows you to do more damage to targets further away.
- sector_scanner - Allows you to SHIP SECTORSCAN, giving you an indication of how many mineable asteroids and gas clouds are in your sector. 2 minutes cooldown. (doesn't tell you what the asteroids and gas clouds contain)
- 35-100 credits


  • ThePlaintiffReturnsThePlaintiffReturns Member Posts: 43 ✭✭✭
    Tempted to try a gold tesseract, but quite confused about exactly what it does. Are you saying it drops five lots of credits, or five lots of artefacts..? What, the same artefact five times? In either case, the only benefit over opening five separately is that it *might* drop one of the gold-only prizes, right?
  • Pink_CandyflossPink_Candyfloss Member Posts: 42 ✭✭
    I believe a gold is a guaranteed artifact or credits ranging from 35-100, including those listed in the GOLD Prizes category, whereas opening 5 blues instead may result in getting things from the above Items and Others categories.
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