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Announcements post #113: Early May.

From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Early May.

Greetings Starmourners,

(I'm always late with announcements on month rollover, so decided to surprise you with an early one, hah!)

During the past month we saw our talent system released, we saw our first Xenohunt and we've hunted an abundance of new, powerful monsters that began roaming around the Sector (Fantom Labs still denies any involvement in the matter). Basically a lot of things to do on the ground. So this May we'd like to focus a bit on space, ships and things to do among the stars. It's been a while since we gave space some some proper love and care, so we're going to do just that.

We're going to tackle %6Station Missions% first.
Station Missions currently offer only commodity runs in exchange for station bonuses. We'd like to expand this system and transition it into a more generic "Jobs" list that an intrepid captain might take from a Station. There'll be a number of new types of missions released over the course of the month ( most likely one type at a time so we can better see if they work properly).

- First up, the current commodity type missions will no longer require that you hunt down an item in a shop somewhere in the world. They'll focus solely on the commodities and goods. Those spare parts will find themselves useful somewhere else. This will only apply to missions that will generate from now on. Those that already exist in the system will still require the items
- A new mission type is available: %6Passengers%! There'll be people on the three factional stations that want to get to other stations in the Sector and, for various reasons, don't use any of the standard transportation options (HINT: it's because other people are out to get them). You may opt to take these people on your ship and ferry them to their desired location. Simple, right? Nothing ominous or dangerous about it, clearly. Your rewards will be marks and captaincy xp and this aims to be a system aimed at those of lower and mid levels in captaincy.

There's a new syntax to help with this, %7STATION MISSION <ID> UNDERTAKE%. You may only undertake one passenger mission at a time and they aren't faction locked (so, if you're a member of Scatterhome or simply factionless, you may pick up a passenger from Danica or the Crossings if you so wish). These missions appear alongside all other missions on %7STATION MISSION LIST% and you may filter by mission type now ( for example %7STATION MISSION LIST PASSENGER% )

Information on our monthly promo will come tomorrow, on the 1st of May proper! (it will have ship stuff and awesome new things)
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