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Announcements post #112: April and Spring.

From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: April and Spring.

Greetings Starmourners,

Do not be alarmed, HETE has it all under control! Or so they say. As you might've noticed (or not), re-cloning after death is slightly off and it is expected to be this way for a short while. (This means that every time you die, you will wake up as a different race than you previously were, including some previously non-playable races). Rest easy, this will eventually be fixed and your old races will be restored...we hope!

In the meanwhile let's enjoy Spring (albeit in isolation and quarantine, stay safe everyone)!

You can all take your mind off this cloning trouble by spinning the Worldbreaker's Wheel! Every day, if you play for at least an hour, you gain a free spin for some nice free prizes (you may even win a star-stamped gaming token)! Alternatively, you may purchase star-stamped gaming tokens from our website and spin the Wheel for awesome, exclusive prizes. With each token, you may spin the Outer Wheel 3 times, with chances to land on Credits, Lessons, Items and Prizes. Once you are happy with the outcome, you may spin the Inner Wheel from a prize from the chosen category. Token prices have been cut in half from what they used to be, as we promised we would.

There's some new prizes you can find in the Wheel, all themed around our Spring and growth theme:

- RoamTek Botanicals is proud to release their gardener's starter kit. Perfect for hobbyists, this rustic crate will be a charming addition to your decor, and has also been packed full of everything you need to get started with growing your own flowers. Comes with a random assortment of seeds sourced from all over the galaxy!
- Straight from the exotic greenhouses on Jerzah comes a potted heik-il plant. Don't let those who say this species is a dangerous, toxic weed dissuade you from owning one of these unique companions. They're really rather friendly, and very easy to feed - they'll eat just about anything!
- An experimental environmental control panel has been released by Clear Skies Consolidated, allowing you to manipulate the very atmosphere and environment of your ship. Installed with cutting edge software that is intelligent enough to construct a pleasing environmental response based on your vaguest voice commands.
- A fresh new issue of Downhome Spacer is abloom with springtime fashion tips this month, along with gardening related news and articles from all over the sector.
- Various other older promo items

- The Repopulator - Little is known about the workings of this device, as it just popped up on the market recently, without disclosure of origin. When activated, it reboots the neural activity in the brain of all denizens in the area and sends their regenerative systems into overdrive, effectively reanimating everything in the area. (ACTIVATE REPOPULATOR to respawn all mobs in an area every 2 hours). The Repopulator is available for free purchase at any time for 1500cr in the ARTIFACT LIST

- Camou-foliage - The latest in stalking and spying, the Camou-foliage will erect a believable holographic field around you, masking you behind the image of a large shrubbery to all prying eyes. (Hides you in the room until you perform an action. Leaves a shrubbery visible in the room though)

- The Heartbleed device
- The Heartbeat Sensor
- Neural Blinder
- H.E.T.E Transport Service
- Lifeforce 2 & 3
- Weapon Damage 1

Collectibles have also received some updates! You can now, once again, COLLECTIBLES PURCHASE at any time to get a standard pack for 20 credits. You can now, however, specify which category you want to buy the pack from: Musicians or Historical. You will get a pack from the selected category, allowing you slightly better control over your purchases. There is also a new Collectible set, themed around Historical Decheeran. This is the 12th set available.
The normal set bonus will grant you a unique nature/plant themed message when you are killed and will also alter the look of your corpse to fit this theme.
The foil set bonus will allow you to COLLECTIBLES ACTIVATE 12 to call forth a mass of writhing vines in your location. The vines will last for 2 minutes or until a personal enemy attempts to leave the room, where the vines will pull the person back into the room, put them off balance and prone them.
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