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PvE Artefacts

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Hey all,
So I was just wondering if there were any 'necessary' or even just ideal artefacts for PvE. I'm only level 40 so far, but I plan to keep going. (I'm a nanoseer if that matters)

I was considering Ship Illusion but was wondering about how obvious it is that it's an illusion? Because that might affect my decision,

I have a solid chunk of credits (at least for me, around 900)  and I'm not entirely sure what to do with them.

If there is another post with this info I'm happy to read through it if there someone can direct me. Just searching for artefacts shows me a lot of not necessarily related posts.


  • There isn't anything required for ship pvp. I like beacon 2 but that's qol rather than a requirement.

    In ground pvp, nothing is required. Some stats can open up different strategies, and stat reset is something I enjoy,  but once again nothing there  is a requirement. 

  • You'll never regret ship return
  • The weapon damage artifact is solid for PVE. Necessary? No. Ideal? Yeah, if you plan on doing lots of PVE, especially after level 75. (Starmourn PVP is less about health damage than you may think, though health kills are the go-to for group PVP. It's ideal to have a weapon damage artifact for PVP, too.)

    As for Ship Illusions, it's essentially an in-ship neuroprojector (that's an uncommon promo item) with infinite charges, which is to say, a free-form emote device that has asterisks appended to the beginning and the end of the emote. It's obvious.

    Ship return may come in handy. I like mine in theory; in practice, I haven't used it yet. I got it from a free promo in December.
  • There isn't really any that are necessary for pve, the ones that will have the most impact though will be weapondamage for bashing, ship return for ship stuff, if you really wanna take it overboard Victoryrush for bashing aswell. other than that they are all just minor increases that are nice but definitely not required.
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