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IC/OOC divide

I just wanted to make a quick thank you to the players and to the devs for their strong support for a persistent in-character atmosphere!

I've seen old news posts where people chastised eachother for going out of character with help files and other things, I've seen people pretty consistently sticking to IC boundries and being really immersive in their roleplay and it's been wonderful.  

Thank you to the players who passively and proactively reinforce the atmosphere and also thanks to the devs because you have something really special here that has been lost in other IRE games. Please don't lose it to promotion bloat and forcing conflict over rp so that people spend more time shouting out game syntaxes at eachother than being their character :)


  • I might add I've spent time in games of all levels of rp enforcement (those who recognise the forum name will know what I mean ;) ) and it means a lot to me the experience I've had so far.
    Also because I don't want to write a separate post - the storyline mission is really great and helps a lot to create that atmosphere as people come into the game. My only suggestion would be to add some extra versions for each class because I thought I was seeing a scoundrel only storyline and it fit so well. Anyway, thanks again!
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