More challenging PvE options - suggestions thread.

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Firstly, I'd like to say that I 100% support something along the lines of Morgan's suggestions for xenoslaying, and this idea is in no way opposition to that.

As others have said many times, a way to distinguish Starmourn from other muds (IRE titles in particular) is challenging PvE, in particular groups. Some of the IRE titles have already put effort into this, but a lot more could be done.

If you're like me and have casually played MMOs, or even single player games like Mass Effect, the Dragon Age series, etc, you probably enjoy group PvE combat involving strategy, coordination and the camaraderie of a shared challenge (at least in a multiplayer game).

That has mostly been lacking in IRE titles. Aetolia has put some effort into it, and Achaea may have as well (unsure about Achaea as my highest level character there is only 80ish).

Ideally, I would like to see things like:

  + areas that are not solo-able
  + mobs that heal other mobs, so they should be killed first
  + mobs with CC abilities
  + mobs with DoT abilities
  + mobs with AoE attacks
  + mobs that can chase
  + mobs that can afflict
  + mobs that call for help (drawing surrounding mobs in)
  + mobs that spawn adds (spawning additional mobs)
  + mobs that hit subsys hard, health not so much

  + mobs that can take cover, attack cover, and deal ranged damage. Nothing complex here, just an experiment to see if cover in PvE is actually that tough to balance.

I'd prefer not to see all of the above at once though! The point is to make the order of attack important because of more than just "that one is aggressive, hit it first".

Some of that and more is already possible with the existing xenoslaying bosses, but why not areas composed of mobs with those abilities? Not with every one dropping the tokens though. Existing xenoslaying mobs need to be tougher, but mobs of the existing strength and a bit weaker would make fantastic group hunting targets if they are in large numbers.

I have a bunch of suggestions as to where these areas could appear, but I will put those into replies. The ideas above are core to the group PvE idea itself though.



  • SteveSteve Member Posts: 102 ✭✭✭
    Existing xenoslaying mobs? I haven't seen once since the very first two. They die too quickly, and people are too on the ball for me to get there. If I'm thirty rooms into a bashing zone, I usually don't get to the right station before it's already dead. If I'm on a ship? No chance. I'm not upset about it, but the system needs more work.

    I'm inclined to think that areas that are not soloable should have some more fun stuff going on than just a zone of rooms with mobs. Once again, I'd like to propose "dungeon" style scenarios. Fly out somewhere remote on a distress call, dock, and see what kind of scenario unfolds.
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    I agree they die quickly, on the same note PVE =/= no competition over them though. I enjoy that people rush to get there and kill them quickly.
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