group PvE and sharing of vital statistics for coordination purposes

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There was a discussion in discord (soza posing the initial idea/question) about group PvE.

Would we like to see the health (and possibly other vital signs) of our teammates during cooperative PvE play (i.e. taking down boss mobs).

The answer was YES. We'd like more challening PvE (as you already know from Morgan's excellent posts and suggestion), and we'd like better coordination during cooperative PvE, rather than just 'everyone hit it ohshit someone smash that random that just walked in'. And many people are already used to seeing party member's vitals signs when playing graphical games (both mmos and single player games).

A script to use crewtells and parse the crewtells from crew members, putting the data into visual gauges, is easy to write. The spammy, nonsensical crewtells could even be gagged so there would be no impact on the channel. But:

  + that involves a third-party script, which needs to me install, maintained and updated
  + if someone doesn't install the script, it will be spammy for that person and they wont see, or be seen by team mates.
  + an equivalent script using the exact same data format would need to be created and maintained for each client, nexus included.

So, question/suggestion (the tl;dr):

Given that it is already possible with some scripting effort, can this data instead be sent via gmcp?

This would remove the complication of coordinating the scripts between separate clients, and also be unseen by people without the scripts.

It would still be necessary for a script to display/use the information, but that is pretty much trivial (with mudlet anyway). 10 minutes effort really, including putting the gauges into an adjustable container (i.e. mouse moveable/resizable).

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