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Just a reminder that it's Scatterfest at Sync today!!! Just spent ages looking for a forum post or a blog post by @Eukelade and it was a Facebook post by @Ilyos 😂

That is where my head is.


AND ***MORE*** 
*nods head knowingly* 


  • Great event. Mind blowing performances. Had a great time, thanks everybody that contributed to an awesome night. 
  • I've spent most of the last 48 hours in bed due to sickness, so I wasn't there. Glad it turned out well though.
  • I'm assuming this is an okay thing to do, but if it's not and should be taken down let me know (or if you're a mod I guess delete my post).

    I figured I'd share a log of last night for those that couldn't make it. It's from Hope's POV and I started logging a little bit late, so I missed a chunk of Keiko's performance (sorry Keiko <3). It's also just the raw html copypasta, so there's a bunch of INFO INV and PROBE and LOOK that I didn't bother removing. Interesting clues to be found in the log for sure though! Sebastian seemed to notice the shenanigans before anything happened--good catch! If only we'd paid attention to him.

    Here's the pastebin link that I think works.
  • I combined Hope's log with mine and tidied everything up. I too forgot to turn on the log until after things had started, and my always on log only captures speech, not emotes. So some of the beginning is a little sketchy. If anyone has more they'd like to add, shoot it to me and I'll add it in.
    [Cassandra]: Poet will be unsurprised to learn that she has unread news.
  • Thank you both!! Sorry I haven't been on much! I'm away at a wedding but can't wait to be back on more! 
  • You tell Steve, "Yo."

    Steve tells you, "Hi, there."

    You tell Steve, "So, why'd you kill Silhouette? Publicity?"

    Steve seriously tells you, "There's no publicity if it's not well-known that I did it."

    You tell Steve, "Well that is a problem with that theory for sure. When's the big announcement then?"

    Steve slowly tells you, "Never."

    You tell Steve, "Really? Well humph. I'd like to close this whole thing out, and get Gravity back open. I have to admit, that my suspect list is pretty short. I'd love to cross you off entirely, cause I think you are less likely to have done it than me."

    Steve tells you, "How do you know you didn't do it? You've got a HETE contract, don't you?"

    You tell Steve, "I'm not sure I didn't do it. Except that if I had, I'd expect Silhouette to have taken up residence in my mind palace. She has not."

    Steve tells you, "You'd better mark yourself off that there list of yours, then."

    Steve thoughtfully tells you, "Have you considered the possibility that a rogue clone did it?"

    You tell Steve, "I give myself low priority really. Who's rogue clone? And why?"

    Steve tells you, "The why's obvious: to instill fear, yes FEAR, into the hearts of everybody listening that hasn't gone and gotten a HETE contract and an INR."

    Steve tells you, "I'm sure HETE's behind the whole thing. They stand to benefit."

    You tell Steve, "So, you'd be the prime suspect in this scenario then?"

    Steve tells you, "Well, see, Poet... I've got no evidence that I didn't do it."

    You tell Steve, "It's hard to cross you off my list when you borderline confess. You know that killing someone at Gravity isn't a crime right?"

    Steve tells you, "Now, now, Poet. Don't get too excited. It's one thing to say I don't have evidence for you to the contrary, and another to say I did a thing. Hmm. Then again, I reckon if I had done it, I would've thought about the whole debacle since then. Well, maybe I'm one of those monsters you hear about, but the thing didn't phase me one bit. Not since that time those assassins came after me with their military grade tech."

    Steve seriously tells you, "That whole Silhouette thing? Low tech in comparison."

    You tell Steve, "There's still the lack of publicity thing."

    Steve tells you, "What lack of publicity thing? We already established that HETE's getting all the benefit. Just look at the news: the call to action at the end of every article's to go sign up with HETE. Idiots..."

    You tell Steve, "I'm not sure why no one has taken credit, or made a statement or anything. If it's mysterious dark forces hiring assassin drones, I'll be honest, chances of a solution are low. HETEs getting nothing right now, cause nobody has said anything. High profile death just makes people more likely to chose a cloning contract and hope nobody hates them quite this much."

    Steve tells you, "Fear drives HETE sales, Poet."

    You tell Steve, "Ok, so why hasn't their advertising ramped up? I haven't seen a "Don't be like Silhouette" ad."

    Steve tells you, "Too obvious, too amateur. Everybody knows HETE already. They don't need to advertise like that."

    You tell Steve, "So, what would rogue clone Steve have done here that I should be looking for?"

    Steve tells you, "A rogue clone Steve? I'm not aware of any rogue clone Steves. It's more likely it's a high-fallutin' suicide sort of arrangement where one Silhouette offs the other."

    You tell Steve, "Well that's messed up. Have you ever tried killing yourself?"

    Steve tells you, "I'm pretty sure I have."

    Steve tells you, "I haven't got evidence of it. Yet."

    You tell Steve, "Not the easiest thing really. Psychologically damaging."

    Steve tells you, "Likely so, I figure."

    You tell Steve, "Well. I'm just going to cross you off my list for now. Until you make that big announcement taking credit."

    Steve tells you, "Noted. I'll be sure you get a copy if I do."

    You tell Steve, "I'd appreciate that."

    Steve tells you, "It's always a pleasure chatting. Good luck out there."

    You tell Steve, "Die well!"

    Poet shakes her head slowly. "I know I'm crazy. But that guy..."

    [Cassandra]: Poet will be unsurprised to learn that she has unread news.
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