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Anyone interested in a beauty contest written like a stand up comedy routine? 
The theme is Next top model crossed with Ru Paul's drag race.

I need 3-4 contestants minimum, and five people interested in being part of the crowd. WInners get bragging rights  IG and on the forums, as well as the adulation of the crowd who will decide on the winner. Event cannot proceed without the required number of bodies.  I'm looking to gauge interest. Event would be held at 00:00 GMT 31st February.

Tentative Format

One liner introduction based on random prompt the host gives you

Strut your stuff! sashay down the catwalk dressed in your best. Designers will be featured, as sponsorship will be allowed. This is the talent section. Show off what you got!

Improv section based on crowd + host prompts. 

Crowd votes, and the winner's parade. (Everyone has to write one)

There will be a script written and handed out  for you to read. You can draft your emotes in advance, and alias them. A time limit will be imposed to keep things moving. I detest events that drag on too long; while I hope to wrap the event up in 30-40 minutes, it shouldn't take longer than one hour.  Each person should get roughly 8-10 minutes of RP time. 

What's i'm looking for is humor that's not IRE Standard. I.e shock value, full of flirting, violence, drama and sex. Write it like it's for a TV show or a book you're reading. It's got to tickle everybody's rib bone. (Aaannd it makes for better reading on the forums)

Comment below if you're interested, and feel free to add any suggestions. 


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    Interesting idea! Let me get some of my designs approved and I'll get back to you.  
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    Ren isn't really interested (and I'm not good with RP events anyway) but talk to me ingame for official support or sponsorship.
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