Ship Customization descriptions

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Hi! I want to customize my ships, but if it's anything like Seth's description it'll go through several iterations before I get it right. Since I'd prefer to avoid the 2500 mark cost every time I've forgotten a hyphen or placed an unnecessary comma, I figured I'd ask here and get some feedback on it first. Find any mistakes? Have a suggestion to reword something so it sounds less clunky? Please let me know! Here's what I have for my Light Corvette:

This light corvette has an elongated wedge shape with segmented panels that grow slightly wider and much taller towards the aft. An irregular trellis design in the dark tones of Gunurash soil is painted on the entirety of the hull. A squat semicylindrical opening of tinted formglass atop the hull offers a limited view of the ship's bridge. Four bulky, armlike appendages with an over-engineered look and chrome detailing extend outwards, two on each side of the ship. The front pair points forward and each one ends with an incorporated large cannon. The rear pair of arms extends downwards and comes together under the middle of the ship to hold an almost comically oversized cannon between them. When the ship is used for hauling cargo, the largest cannon is stowed below the ship to free the rear pair of arms and enable them to tether an asteroid. The ship's rear is entirely covered by a massive engine which ends in twelve thrusters of equal size, neatly arranged in three rows of four. 

I appreciate your feedback! And if anybody wants to use the thread to do the same, have at it. I have appreciated reading some of the customized ones (shoutout to the Ironbounds and to Ylouhoboroch) and would like there to be more of this going on. 
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