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Race Adjustments.

I have four reasons that make my suggestions deeper and more accurate than most others,: first, I was born with an above average IQ, second, I have a photographic memory, third, I have a 5 hour sleep cycle (I have 3 more hours every day to study, exercise, or keep busy somehow), fourth, I was raised by my grandparents (My grandfather was a Farmers Son, we lived in the country between Trinity, TX and Onalaska, TX. I grew up learnign to cook, clean, garden, etc, there were plenty of dogs in the neighborhood doing what dogs do. Mammals as a whole do the same thing.

First, I will point out how very vain the idea that a highly evolved alien would become humanoid, or that an alien culture would be close to our own. There are a lot of variables per planet, and the Bipedal Form is clumsy and over-rated. The Animorphs children's book series by K. A. Applegate is a good description of how a being would evolve and have various preterceptions of various bengs.

Plants beings of tendrils, and would likely mimic the shapes of animals if they were inclined to move, such as insects or arachnids, I would suggest higher evolved 'bugs' on the plant planet. They should be omnivourous, preferring Fruits, then Vegatables, then Meats. Plants drain nutritients from dead and decomposing matter, and are part of the Rotting Process. I would suggest a ball of vines with paralytic barbs that create a sphere of about 2-3 feet in diameter, and is able to grab and hold rotting matter (dead leaves and such), and wraps the matter in a ball and drains the materials of nutrients by pressing it's roots into the hole . What isn't needed is dropped or expelled as part of it's breath. It should have 6-10 vine groups creating Tendrils which can be used like a squid, grabbing, holding, able to be used as fingers for manipulating objects.

I don't suggest going this far, but some worlds would still produce life and be completely inhospitible to humans. For instance, plant-like creatures who produce methane instead of Oxygen. Plants and Animals as we know it are something we take for granted which would not work on most planets in the galaxy with a chance of life on it.

I would suggest that the Death Eye, senses Aether (Life Energy), or maybe that Kith is a part of all things and this is what the Eye is sensing. So, it should see an aura of energy around other beings. This is known by many names throughout the world, (Mana, Prana, Aura, Aether, Qi, Chi, Ki, Quintessence), all of which are a particulate matter invisible to the naked eye and a requirement of life as a whole. You could also change the Death Eye to sense Nether, the energy of Death. Nether is the equivilent of Void Kith in the setting, as I see it. While Star Kith and Aether are Synonymous in my opinion.   

You are also inclined to not reverse engineering a being's evolutionary path, which opens many new avenues I think might be appropriate for the races you have. For instance, the amaians would be best suited as squid inspired creatures which evolved into amphibians able to produce and sence electrical fields, like a squid-eel-shark. This evolves into a form of communication and a method of interacting with Technology without voice commands or gestures. These beings would have several tendrils, between 8 and 12, each with suckers, and are boneless sacks of muscle. Any Aquatic evolved creature would lay eggs,  needing to be in a pool to survive. Look up fish mating habits and you'll have an idea. I would say between 2-4 eggs (jelly blobs) that must remain in an aquatic environment for 2 weeks before they hatch into very small and frail creatures. It requires an additional 4 months before they crawl out on their own. No boobs involved, simply requires the nutrients in ocean water, which can be synthesized. (As a rule, squids on earth simply lay unfirtilized eggs in a pool of water and they are Firtilized in the water by a male.) As these are squid inspired, I would suggest mating to be as simple as a male placing a tendril inside an oriface similar to a Vagina, while the female is receptive (Ovulation produces a reaction that is picked up by the male, causing it to ooze something like semen, which merely needs to be put inside the female. 3 days after Fertilization, the female will expell all the eggs she has inside her into a pool of water. 

You have reversed the evolutionary design of the Nusriza is being recinded during puberty, it makes no sense for a creature to lose something it already has that is useful and operational during any period in life. Nowhere on earth will you find a creature who has wings losing them during it's lifetime. You have many who gain the ability to fly however, either growing wings, or maturing them. I would suggest keeping the wings,  and changing the Adolescent phase from the Quickening to Learning to Stand. Adolescence brings a desire for the meat of the Algion, which in turn makes the Males sexually promiscuous, and females sexually submissive. With it's current lifespan, puberty should start around 10 for Females and 14 for Males, lasting until 30, during Adolescence,  their hips change allowing them to stand upright (Similarly to an Iguanidon, they comfortably shift between all-fours, and two-legs, as well as having their thumbs become more prominent. Before adolescence they are only able to hold and carry small objects, but can still use basic technology like buttons. During this time, the wings stay. Furthermore, Reptiles/amphibians/birds, anything that lays an egg, is able to consume small foods upon hatching. This is why they don't have mammary glands which are specific to Mammals only, as are live births. If you are going to make a hard sci fi setting with bits of Star Wars (Kith = Force), you should learn to distinguish between Animal Categories. For instance, Mammals have small claws at the tips of each finger, have five metatarsals on each tarsal, and four tarsals (Fingers/Toes and Hands/Feet respectively.), give birth to live young and have mammory glands which produce milk in the females, and usually stay dormant in males. (That is  merely here on earth, which can be adjusted elsewhere to produce a more amazonian system where the Males' mammory glands develop as well, making them able to produce milk.) All mammals have Mammary glands, even males, they  just don't mature in the Males, they do mature in Females which is why they have swollen breasts. Mammals and Mammaries go hand in hand. Any egg layers do NOT have Mammories. Reptiles, Flyers and Aquatic beings lay eggs, because having too much mass makes it difficult to fly, swim, crawl, so they produce an egg shell every 3 weeks during Adolescence which is laid (these are minus babies and can be eaten)  After Adolescence ends females will continue to lay eggs every 3 weeks, but can be fertilized if she is sexually active.  At the end of Adolescence, the Nusrizu will become highly resistant to the effects of the Algion. 

Quadrupedal Intercourse is how dogs do it, it involves a sheathed bone covered in flesh that goes in a vulval mound, then expands inside to keep it in place. Thus the term Knotting. As a rule the Nusrizu would do it like dogs.

(Reptiles and Birds are shelled eggs. Aquatic and Mammals produce small unshelled eggs which for mammals remain in the body when fertilized, and are expelled by Aquatics into the environment to grow and hatch. Fish and mullosk eggs are basically a developing child in a placenta that remain hydrated and healthy by being in the water.)



  • I'm at a loss. I don't know if this is some very dedicated trolling or the most "iamverysmart" post I've ever seen. 

    Assuming you aren't trolling, please, just chill out. It's a game. Expect some artistic license. Fun trumps serious realism every time. 
  • 1) Not Trolling.
    2) Most of these were a Knee Jerk Reaction to the races.
    3) How is losing the ability to Fly Fun?
  • 1st I had originally intended to send this post to the developers of Starmourn. Since I was unable to do so, I decided to post it here. I should have removed some of it up top. A Sleep Cycle is a naturally occurrring period of relaxation, this is my natural sleep period, I'm not staying up until I pass out from exhaustion. I do consume more calories per day than most people however. The 8- hour sleep cycle is an average. Some people sleep less. Some sleep more. My mother sleeps 10 hours a day.
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    Bandus said it pretty well. I don't have much to add.

    The part about races should be non bipedal, non humanoid, and unique, immediately interested me and made me want to look into it more. Thumbs up. It might be harder for some people to relate to a different body form, but I immediately was like, ooh, I want to play an unusual quadruped/etc!

    Everything else: tl;dr
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    First off, you need to give VALID reasons for your authority, otherwise it's the opinion of some jackoff. Saying "I'm smart cause of IQ" doesn't work because IQ tests are generally biased and full of bull. Secondly, photographic memory doesn't make you inherently knowledgeable about stuff, just that you have really good mental images of things you've seen. Third, having 3 more hours to do isn't necessarily better if your sleep deprived and can't earn and retain high-level cognative thinking, as many late-night-before-the-test crammers can tell you. And finally, being the grandson of a "Farmer Son" and living in the country while watching dogs doesn't make you an expert at biology or anything.

    Now, if you had start off saying that you had a Masters Degree in Biology or had spent 6+ years as a vet, your words might have a little bit more credibility. Drop the other three "reasons" and you'll do fine

    Edit: refreshed and caught your post afterwards. Having more hours because of a sleep cycle still doesn't mean that you're doing anything with those hours. And while I was making fun of and critizing the OP, you clearly put a lot of thought into this and we appreciate your interest and enthusiasm in giving recommendations on how to improve Starmourn and enrich the game and the community as a whole.
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    I assumed that everyone knew this, but anyone in the country knows how to hunt, fish, and garden on some level, my grandfather and his brothers were Construction and Demolition workers. They fished and hunted in time off, which includes skinning and gutting, I was reading by 3 years old, (So I've been told) I was given an I/Q test and a Placement Exam (I learned algebra from my stepdad, biology from my papal. I spent much of my childhood reading, a partial list includes National Geographic, Animorphs, Dragon Wings, The Remnants, Everworld, Cirque du Freak, The Magic Circle, The Circle Opens, The Circle Reforged, The Song of the Lioness, Imortalls, Protector of the Small, The Tricksters, Beka Kooper, Everything Vivian Van Velde, The Ender Saga, The Twilight Saga, The Wings Saga, I have read the game manuals for over 500 muds/mucks/moos, Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e (The Necronomicon, the Colored Dragons and the Metalic Dragons, I've watched and read Naruto and Boruto, All the episodes as well as the movies to date, the same with Bleach, manga and anime. Fairy Tail, One-punch man, My Hero Academy is very Accurate and interesting, Harry Potter (Movies and books pf the Main Series. (I find them distasteful. Not because of the glaring inaccuracies, but because Magic in HP is like an Unlimited Ammo Cheat. "I just shot him in the face 200 imes with a paralysis spell!" That and the fact that the 5 Magic Laws made no sense, even to me, it's a handwave. Magic is and always will be the working of the will on the physical world.)

    I did online research on anything I didn't understand, and still do, I done searches on every religion I've heard of, Alchemy, Magic, electro magnetism, bio electricity, I've self translated laten, (Most Romance languages hold roots that make it possible to simply compare them. Lumen = lux = Light, Lucia = Girl of Light, Lucian - Boy of Light. I've been learning Japanese as well, I've searched a lot of Japanese stories like the Kitsune (I'm a fan.), I can count, in Japanese, I'm still operating in Romaji (English Letters).I live in Texas, so I'm decent with Spanish. Better seeing it written than hearing it. My experience conversing with it is minimal.

    I also spent some years roleplaying muds and forums, one of my favorite forums (Ninpocho Chronicles, my name at the time was Moriko Kuno,  was revolutionized thanks to me when they rebuilt the Element System. I spent years on the Dev and Custom Jutsu Teams.
  • First, I highly doubt you self-translated latin.
    Secondly, not sure what learning certain different languages has to do with your experience regarding the biology of creatures.
    Third, reading early is another thing that doesn't make you an expert regarding biology and evolution.
    Fourth and Finally, IQ tests are fairly useless in determining actual intelligence, instead choosing to focus on logical reasoning skills which any person can develop with practice.
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    Just cause I didn't see it mentioned, Bipedal forms have been mentioned as beneficial for game balance/simplification. (Definitely elsewhere, i think here as well) 

    Every character having the same number of limbs means afflictions such as your right leg being chopped off affect everyone the same (in theory). While some life form more similar to an arachnid would be less affected by the loss of a leg or two.

    The same thing happens for arms, or limbs that can hold things at least, a race that has to hold things in a trunk can have a disadvantage, while a race that can hold things in one of eight limbs could hold multiple things. 

    There's also the issues of scaling stuff based on it. I think one of the lusternia classes has an ability which scales damage based on the number of limbs broken, how would such a scale work with one of these races.

    Of course, personally, a philosophically interesting question could be why such races are not prominent in the sector. Some do exist as NPC races, of course, but maybe the bipedal races exterminated some for being "too alien"?
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  • If it's vain to assume alien races would be anything like humans, why are you justifying your suggestions with examples of other races on earth? As If the mechanism of evolution would be the same throughout the universe.

    If the bipedal form is clumsy but still developed here, then surely that would mean similar imperfect,  but efficient, developments would occur on other planets? Mammals on earth might need mammary glands, but why must that be true anywhere else? 

    Basically, wtf even is this post. 
  • Sairys said:

    Of course, personally, a philosophically interesting question could be why such races are not prominent in the sector. Some do exist as NPC races, of course, but maybe the bipedal races exterminated some for being "too alien"?
    Not prominent? The Nabia, Fatar, Selassians, Ixodon, Lha Ti, Cleax, Sa'hak-ren, Grensuhlians, Rek, etc etc would beg to disagree!
  • There is a reason why bipedal humanoids are only choice for playable race. They are easier to RP and to code feautures so you don't have to code more and more stuff just because one suitable for dinosaurs is not suitable for insects
  • I guess this would be a prime example of IQ > EQ or my favorite phrase, "The dumbest smart guy in the room."
  • Bit of a snark, but along with the added information of level of intelligence, I would have liked to see more accurate grammar. In short, we all have some things to learn, and we never stop learning. @Dawn, please take the above suggestions and attempt to scale back a bit on providing your resume. It will not do you any favors.
  • Hoping you will give me some internet point Dawn
  • Sci-fi races, at least player races, tend to be a bit more humanoid because they're more "familiar" on a player level. This makes it easier for players to relate or have a frame of reference when it comes to backgrounds or stories for their characters.

    Additionally, knowing what I know about IRE, it wouldn't surprise me if we're all bipedal and "humanoid" for the sake of calculating limbs and what not. There are a lot of non-player races that are vastly alien looking though.
  • Tasan said:

     it wouldn't surprise me if we're all bipedal and "humanoid" for the sake of calculating limbs and what not. 
    Limbs, wielding of weapons, etc etc.
  • Maximus said:
    If it's vain to assume alien races would be anything like humans, why are you justifying your suggestions with examples of other races on earth? As If the mechanism of evolution would be the same throughout the universe.

    If the bipedal form is clumsy but still developed here, then surely that would mean similar imperfect,  but efficient, developments would occur on other planets? Mammals on earth might need mammary glands, but why must that be true anywhere else? 

    Basically, wtf even is this post. 
    The main thing about waterlife on Earth is that it shows examples of how lifeforms could exist in an environment that is not one hospitable to humans. A squid-like lifeform could exist in planets with very dense air/gasses for an atmosphere, or extra sensory perceptions than what we know because of their environment. But yeah the post derailed into wtf
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