Announcements post #99: Winterflame is Over!

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<pre>From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Winterflame is Over!

Winterflame is over! The Tukkav government and the Winterflame Ambassadorial Program has shut down access to the Tosmar mountains and festival grounds until the next time the holiday rolls around. If you find yourself still located in the festival grounds, you can make your way home through the transport station at the Tosmar hunting lodge.

If you helped out during the festival, don't forget to greet Firekeeper Rohna Guzmas, who is still located in Omni Station for a limited time, to recieve a token of gratitude from the Uycheon government for your assistance - the value of which will be commensurate to your participation level during the event.

We want to thank the players and volunteers of Starmourn for making our first winter festival such an inclusive and joyous success. From the mightiest Icehorn slayer to the lowliest dung collector, everyone seemed to have a good time. We are already looking eagerly forward to what we'll get in our giftcatchers next Winterflame!

Until next time, warm hearts and warm hearths, Starmourners. </pre>
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