Announcements post #98: Winterflame Giftcatchers.

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<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Winterflame Giftcatchers.

While we're all eagerly awaiting the Winterflame Festival, we've decided that some new prizes are in order inside the Giftcatchers. We've jumbled up the toys somewhat and introduced some new things:

- Three brand new collectible card sets. These sets all belong to the Historical category of collectibles and the packets you can win inside Giftcatchers will ONLY contain cards from these sets. The sets revolve around Tukkav of great importance in both history and modern times and are:
* Winterflame Tukkav - This set can be activated via COLLECTIBLE ACTIVATE <set> and will grant 25% experience for 30 minutes to you and your group while hunting. The foiled version increases this bonus to 50%
* Historic Tukkav - As a lore lover, you have an easier time learning things. The normal version of this set removes the lesson cost when learning new patterns with CUSTOMIZE CLASS LEARN <pattern>. The foiled version of this set reduces multiclass lesson penalty to 10% per extra class (down from 33%)
* Modern Tukkav - The Thill Conglomerate will take care of your ship. The normal version of this set gives a 40% chance that a repair kit won't be used while repairing. The foiled version of this set makes your astromechs indestructible in combat.

- There's TEN new winter themed fishies and aquatic critters to be obtain from 'a chilled plastic fish bag' - icecrabs, snowfish, candle sharks, tasslefish and more!
- There's a new seasonal autofeeder to go with the fish as well.

- There are FOUR BIG PRIZES to be won in giftcatchers. That means there are exactly two instances of two very special prizes spread out across all giftcatchers. Once they are won, no further prizes of this type can be obtained. The two prizes are:
* A Crafter's Omnipass (x2) - This artifact removes the cap on tradeskills and waives the 200cr purchasing fees (You will still need to invest lessons in the skills though)
* A free class of your choice - Gain a fully learned class of your choice on your multiclass roster (Kith restrictions still apply)

May the Winterflame spirit burn brightly in all of you!
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