Announcements post #97: Starmourn is one year old!

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<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Starmourn is one year old!

Starmourn opened its gates to players one year ago today! On December 15th 2018, a small team brought to fruition several years of development, and we all stepped into the fantastic, futuristic world of Starmourn! And what a ride it's been so far.
We've seen dynasties rise and fall, monopolies, conglomerates, and corporations burgeon and decline. Mysterious cosmpiercers were captured, their powers harnessed. Hundreds of spaceships were blown to smithereens. Millions of marks have changed accounts. The galaxy unfolded before our eyes. Adventurers stepped into uncharted wildernesses, only to come back battered and wealthy with minerals and mysterious crystals. Scientists studied and catalogued the fauna of the sector. Musical aspirants rose to great heights of popularity, and spacers with an eye for business mastered the intricacies of refining and manufacturing.
Despite deep racial and cultural differences, adventurers from all corners of the Sector banded together and brought peace to their planets, besieged as they were by cultists, misguided Bushraki, and fleets of hostile pirates. Fights broke out, people exploded, were torn asunder, driven to madness, crushed, and incinerated. Bounties were placed and collected. The whole cybersphere quivered under the unrelenting assaults of Starmourn's very skilled hackers. Despite all adversity, the great factions of Starmourn have thrived and prospered. Many, many new pages of history have been recorded in the archives of the galaxy.

And we have all of you to thank for this! You have all helped write Starmourn's history this past year and we hope you will continue to do so, alongside us, for many years to come!

Starmourn turns one year old today and we have a little gift for you all! Log in to the game today and receive a free giftcatcher from us and a Starmourn commemorative badge. Be sure to TOUCH your badge for a personal gesture from some very special figures!</pre>
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