Announcements post #96: Faction Surveillance Systems.

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<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Faction Surveillance Systems.

Greetings Starmourners,

Helping their effort to mitigate criminal activity and vandalism, factions now have access to %7SURVEILLANCE%. All factions can install surveillance systems in various rooms of their capitals. These systems will automatically report (and log) criminal activity in that room. Criminal activity is currently represented by : hacking attempts in that room, graffiti spraying in that room and fighting in that room.

How it works:

- You may use %7SURVEILLANCE% or %7FACTION SURVEILLANCE% to see the base usage of this feature
- Only those that have the GUARDS privilege in a faction may perform most surveillance and datacenter related activities
- %7SURVEILLANCE INSTALL% will automatically install a system in your current room. This costs a hefty 250,000 marks (drawn out of faction accounts). The steep price is there because we really don't want all rooms in a faction to be monitored. Choose your points of interests wisely.
- %7SURVEILLANCE SCRAP% will dismantle a system in the current room and refund two thirds of the cost
- All factions now have a SURVEILLANCE DATACENTER in their factions. You may find this Datacenter using the %7LANDMARKS% command (it's near the CAC, roughly)
- From the Datacenter, you may perform a set of additional actions: you may power cameras on and off, you may toggle cameras to track citizen actions ( a camera that does not track citizen actions will not report a hacking/graffiti/combat attempt by a citizen) and you may look at the screen to see what is going on in that room.

In response to surveillance, there is a new HACKING ability related to SURVEILLANCE. Hackers may now %7HACK SURVEILLANCE% if they're standing in a datacenter and attempt to take control of the system in order to turn cameras off. And no, you cannot install a surveillance system in a datacenter, that would be not fun. Hackers may never install/scrap surveillance systems. Also, the FRAY anonymity reward also prevents you from flagged by surveillance.

Smile for the cameras now!</pre>
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