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Armor is (functionally) useless :(

I've already pointed out repeatedly that you can bash naked and not notice the difference. Decided to do some PVP testing, and the effect was essentially the same. Used the same person, the same weapon, vs the same person. The only difference was I was wearing heavy beast armor in the first round, and naked in the second round.

Yes, armor has a very small effect. No, it not enough to notice or really even matter. It's silly. The only class that gets a defensive benefit from anything is the class who uses a skill to gain it.


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    umm am I misunderstanding this chart? There's a point where the naked person seems to be taking less damage than the armored person?

    eta2: Oh, wait, these attacks have significant variance attached to them and I'm dumb! We need a bigger pool to make a serious guess, in my opinion. 
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  • It's because of the random nature of damage output I think. However it just really further highlights the extremely small benefit armor provides.
  • You need to subject this to more rigorous testing imo. But ofc an admin can comment on this. 
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