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Experience per level

Hello! Just curious if anybody has put values to the experience per level in Starmourn. I'm not entirely sure how this works, or if it is frowned upon by the admin (if so, then I have no interest!). But, coming from Achaea, somebody managed to calculate the numbers which was helpful for estimating the grind to 75! Just wondering if there is any intel on this yet...


  • 100%

    Joking aside, uh this is a hard one. Flat xp values start getting wonky as we only get whole number percent values instead of more concise "until next level" percents and sometimes xp gained changes toward the end of a level. However, from 74 to 75 is not terribly more difficult than from 5 to 6. It stays fairly consistent! Hit me up on Discord for more. 
  • You know, @Zhedan - there's more to life than bashing.
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  • Xiru said:
    You know, @Zhedan - there's more to life than bashing.
    *quit engineer* *Becomes a Nanoseer*
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