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Announcements post #89: A Terminally Cool November.

<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: A Terminally Cool November.

A Terminally Cool November

October is over. The Congregation of T'rath has been chased back to the shadows - for now. It's a new month, and the citizens of Starmourn have new things to pay attention to. For the development team, a new month means a new theme!

Hey Starmourn, question for you: Who among you is mindlessly staring into space, doing nothing but breathing softly? Answer: All of us, because November's theme is %7HACKING%. That's right, the hacking skill has been expanded. Hacking now has more levels, new ways to gain experience, a new ability, and a new, mysterious organization lurking in the background.

While we normally like bragging about every little detail of our new features, this month, we're going to leave the changes to hacking a surprise for you to discover on your own. The best way to learn everything that's new will be to log in and check out your hacking skill - maybe give a few things a try.

Who knows, maybe you'll be pointed in the direction of someone in game who might know more...

And for those who didn't figure it out yet, the minipet we were talking about yesterday, the shadow-wing, is attracted to people hacking terminals... keep on hacking!

Oh, right, we have a Wheel! The Worldbreaker's Wheel is back this month and it's looking to be better than ever. Log in and play for at least an hour every day for a free spin. For more spins and better chance at awesome rewards, we have star-stamped gaming tokens available on the website.

We've a whole host of hacking themed artifacts that can be won from the Wheel, among them two new artifacts:
- FRAYSys Spiders - These mechanical spider-like devices allow you to DOORJAM <direction> and completely lock the targetted door 5 minutes. Think of the possibilities!
- FRAY Priority Contracts - Reduces the cooldown on %7CONTRACTS% by 4 hours. What are contracts? Remember to check AB HACKING...
Other artifacts you can win are:
- ADH Enzyme Boosters
- Digestion Regulators
- Hacking Damage lvl 3
- Hacking Ops lvl 3
- Hacking Movement
- No Rankings

We have new items available as well, among which you'll find:
- a modified IdentTech holoprojector - Ever had that one person you just HAD to see all the time? Well, the IdentTech holoprojector allows you to conjure up the lifelike projection of whoever you want so that you may look at them all day
- a bulky signal jammer - This really messes drones up. Just point it at various drones you find in the Sector and see what happens

You'll also find a new LED-covered package among the rewards. These will give you a couple of our older things you might've missed, such as customization options from all previous promos, toys and others (alongside other smaller rewards).
Alongside these rewards you can win:
- Any of our already existing minipets
- RoamTek tents
- Novelty holocameras
- Matter articulators

and more.

We've a ton more hacking updates to come this month, as well as some more BIG content, so stay tuned for more developments! Don't expect the mystery and purpose surrounding new activities to be completely clear from the get-go, is all we're saying...</pre>


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