Announcements post #87: Promotion updates!

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<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Promotion updates!

Greetings Starmourners,

It is that time again, the time to shake up the contents of our monthly ches--erm, urns! Some of T'rath's cultists have been toying with the contents and they seem to have added in a few new things:

- Data Ghost (Artifact power) - Data ghosting is an aftermarket hack of dubious legality made to your INR. Using a software shell that greps the INR's contents and a commsphere connection that pairs with nearby holoprojection hardware, the data ghost creates randomly projected snippets of your personality and appearance. These are displayed to any individual that possesses an INR of yours.
- Space Station Datalink - A small aftermarket mod that can be installed on your ship and allows you to access STATION PIRATE REFINERIES without needing to be at a station.
- A novelty holoprojector wand - POINT this wand at your minipets and it will give them an appearance that is better suited to this month's theme... Don't worry, your pets are perfectly safe! Even if they might not look healthy, living or dead after you've used the holoprojector wand on them.
- A neuroprojector - Allows you to NEUROPROJECT <message> and broadcast the illusion of your choice to all those present in the room.
- A skeleton-headed gemra cub minipet
- A skull shaped autofeeder
- A colorful bag stuffed with candy - allows you to PULL BAG and get some candy...over and over and over again! Well, there's a limit to the "and over again" and that's 12 per hour.

Also, keep an eye out for more developments with the death cultists over the following period. And if you've ever secretly wished to be like them (or at least look like them), know that they'll soon start dropping a cultist-themed lootset.</pre>
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