Announcements post #85: Death...and other things!

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<pre>From: A Human wearing a full-face black hood
Subject: Death...and other things!

Greetings Starmourners,

A ghastly chill descends over Starmourn this month as this is the month of Death... and Disguises and Dogs, since we teased a theme starting with D.

This is going to be a rather event heavy month and things will start to unfold over the next few days in a manner that is very fitting to the aforementioned subject(s).

To honor the theme, we have skull-shaped metal urns available for purchase on the website, filled to the brim with Death themed goodies. Inside you can find the following:

Artifact Powers:

- H.E.T.E Wormhole Transport Services - After you re-clone from a death, you have a 2 minute window in which you can HETE TELEPORT to return to the room you died in (courtesy of H.E.T.E). This has a 30 minute cooldown and cannot be used to teleport you back to cosmpiercer or inside faction territory (except your own faction)
- Hunter's Vibroblade - Allows you to PRESERVE <corpse of a dead player> in order to...extract a token reminder of their demise (Yes, this beheads the corpse and gives you the head)
- HETE Clone Discount level 2
- H.E.T.E. Scanners Backdoor Access
- Workflow Automator - Allows you to operate your factories and refineries remotely


- A void-fog armband - Allows you to VOIDCALL FOG and fill your location with a chilly, ghastly fog. Players inside the room can no longer access their MAP, nor see any exits.
- A corrupted HETE augmentation casket - Contains dozens of new death-themed customization options
- A sturdy mask box - Contains a random mask (read below to find out what this is all about)
- An orange nanoplastic baggie - Contains a random, death-themed fish
- A stinkbomb case - Contains 5 stinkbombs. You can THROW these bombs either at a person to drench them in a horribly smelly liquid, or at the ground in order to affect everyone in the room. If you're the target of one of these, you might want to find a body of water and SCRUB it all off
- Armor and weapon mods

- Prizes ranging from 20 to 50 credits

For the dogs part of the theme we have might remember them from the Shakedown Cantina back when you started your adventuring life. These days, on the Almasi Asteroid in the Diamond Belt, you will find a Goredog Fighting Pit that hosts regular tournaments. If you make your way there and have Goredog Fight tickets in your possession, you may bet on the outcome of the fights.
Some of you might have already obtained tickets from the No-Brainer Credit Package and didn't have the option of using them until now. Further tickets are awarded with every 10 credits purchased and there is a chance that you will get a ticket every time you complete a xenozoo bounty.
The DOGFIGHTS syntax will tell you all about the system and you can look at HELP DOGFIGHTS to learn more.

Now you might have noticed that we mentioned MASKS in the urns we have for purchase. While these particular masks are certainly rare and gorgeous, anyone can purchase masks from Handsome Hal's on Almasi. These masks are quite special because once you WEAR them, they will conceal your identity from anyone in your room. Speaking, emoting, entering and leaving will no longer display your character's name but will instead show you as a member of your race that is wearing a mask. This will also conceal your identity on WHO and QW, but will not do so in other communication channels (tells, FT, CLT, etc.). You can still be interacted by name though, should people know it's you.

NOTE AND NOTE WELL: Engaging or being engaged in combat automatically breaks the effect of the mask. This does not mean it is okay to attack people just to break their mask concealment. This is a RP tool and should be treated accordingly. Attacking others without proper IC cause is a punishable offense.

Have a positively terrifying month!</pre>


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    "We are anonymous"
    "No, my sim says you're -- *sounds of being smothered*"
    "I said we are anonymous."
    I forgot I was going to call myself Ike while in chargen, so now I'm Zarrach.
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