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Announcements post #83: Promotion update and development status.

<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Promotion update and development status.

Greetings Starmourners,

As we've said earlier in the month, we still have a new Tradeskill to unveil this month. Unfortunately, this is taking a bit longer than anticipated and the tradeskill will probably be ready sometime next week instead of this week as was my initial plan.
In case you're wondering what this new tradeskill is, we're letting you know that it will be called PHARMACEUTICALS. I believe you can all imagine what sort of pharmaceuticals we're talking about here... the DIAG command has a couple of new lines that hint in that general direction.

As concerns our monthly promotion, the lessons sale is still on-going and we've updated the rewards that you get with every 100 credits purchased on the website.
The paristeel chest that you will obtain will now ALWAYS reward you with a collectible card as its 'medium' value prize and the 'high' prize is one of the following:
- 20-30 credits
- Free Voidgate Pass
- Free Design Submission
- Victoryrush enhancement artifact
- Hyperscanner lvl 1
- PR Agent
- Performance Cooldown reduction
- a mildly interesting thing (this lets you submit a custom JUNK request, permanently adding that item to the junk drops of the world).
There are no other toys or items in the chests.

In addition, every 500cr purchased, you'll get another chest when you reach that milestone!

Have a great weekend everyone and keep on being awesome!</pre>
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