Request: A strangely modified shink ray.

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Hey ya'll -

I've made a couple of posts in-game about this, but whoever lifted the Strangely Modified Shrink Ray, please let me buy it from you, or RP with you to get it back. I paid 100cr for that customization for a friend, and it really sucks to have it missing. I've heard absolutely nothing in-game from you.

It is item 36954 and looks like this:

Appearance: A strangely modified shrink ray
Dropped:    A modified shrink ray is here, its flame decals lending it a
dangerous aura.
Examined:   This device looks a bit like an oversized blaster. Notably, instead
of a straight barrel, this sidearm's business end is a single, tight-spiraled
helix of glass tubing that is filled with a hectic red energy. A powerful beam
of light shoots down the center of this spiral when the ray gun is fired,
shrinking whatever it touches. On the rear of the device, a small LCD screen
sits, facing the user. Additionally, flame decals have been printed on either
side of the grip.



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