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Announcements post #80: Starmourn Goes Back To School.

<pre>From: Starmaker Eukelade
Subject: Starmourn Goes Back To School.

Hi, star friends. Welcome to this announcement post. Since Ilyos is gone this weekend, it's me, your cool space aunt Eukelade, inviting you to check out what we've got for you for the month of September.

Sharpen your pencils and put your thinking caps on, because there's a whole bunch of new things for you to cram into your brains, starting with...



Want to make a pumpkin spice latte? Now you can! Actually, you can't, because there are no pumpkins in space, but you could probably invent the Starmourn equivalent with the MIXOLOGY tradeskill, which is all about crafting drinks. Tea, karaffee, seltzer, and slushies are all waiting for you, along with more complex beverages like wine and spirits.

To utilize the MIXOLOGY tradeskill effectively, you'll need a workbench, lab table, or still. Head to the new distilleries, breweries, and moonshine shacks that can be found in the main faction cities to purchase one of these items. Newly available as well are empty vessels in which you can store and serve your fancy brews.

See HELP MIXOLOGY for more.


Interior decorators rejoice. The FURNISHING tradeskill will allow you to craft furniture to your heart's content, from beds and tables to more exotic things like glow globes and carpets that really tie the room together.

Most of the items you make will have proplike functionality, too! Flip tables, take cover behind your own fancy captain's chair, and cuddle up on your feather-stuffed mattress.


Oh, and by the way, you can all learn up to two tradeskills now - so if you want to learn both Furnishing AND Mixology, you don't have to choose!


Cue the montage music. You can train in more than one class, now! Though you can't be multiple classes at the same time, you can switch between the ones you know freely in the class switching room on the appropriate Battlemaster's homeworld.

Everyone will receive an extra class slot when they hit level 50, but you can purchase more slots at any time with the CLASS PURCHASE SLOT command.

Learn more about the ins and outs of multiclassing at HELP MULTICLASSING.


To make it a little easier for our players to take advantage of all these new things to learn, we're offering lesson packages for sale on our website this month. In addition to that, we'll include a chest of toys and prizes for every hundred credits that you purchase.

Prizes available include dice, credits, performance artifacts, a RoamTek expedition tent, a holo camera, fishies, experience augmentation chips, a high chance to snag a premium card packet - and more!


Keep playing! We've got more things for you to learn that will be revealed later in the month, and we're really excited about them!


  • Do I need to get another tradeskill? Of course I don't need it.

    Do I really want to pick up mixology to pair food with liquids? Hell yeah.

    Damn you 200 credits and 900 lessons!
  • edited September 2019
    Does the chest of toys and prizes for every 100 credits promotion apply to the No Brainer credit package as well?

  • Tradeskill Feedback:
    Can we get mods and crafting separated as separate types of skills we can learn? Then allow 1 mod, and 2 crafting?
    Or allow us to buy more crafting slots, but not mod slots?

    Class Switching Feedback:
    -Each class needs it's own stats allotment block
    -Can we PLEASE drop the 24 hour cooldown? It doesn't make sense in starmourn. We already matrix learn by plugging new skills into our mindsim. Can we instead have like, a pvp flag cooldown of a half hour? Or make the base an hour, and have artifacts that reduce that if you need to go that route.

    Thanks for all the hard work!
  • We'll be doing per-class stats, yeah.
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