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Individual Armor Headcanon

So how do you view your nanothin protection? Capabilities, things like that. Is it even nanothin to you?
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  • I try and ignore the fact that she's wearing armor at all. In my head, Poet is just wearing clothes. I guess the armor could be generated on demand by her nanites. They are responsible for the rest of her protection, so why not that as well?
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  • I take the canon description and build from there. I don't go as far as Poet but pretty close. It's not seen or felt at all, it's not even what we'd consider 'armour' with current technology, except in the vaguest sense. One thing I must have glossed over in the past is the fact that it's part of ones wetwiring, which fits how I (figuratively) see it. As far as strict functionality goes, based on a lot of class abilities - shit like Pointblank, most MWP stuff - I feel like it's primarily reactive and moves to protect specific points of impact and disperse the kinetic energy as needed.
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  • First, I imagine all armor to be pretty dang effective for keeping people from dying. That explains getting stabbed, shot, and so on not immediately killing a spacer.

    Second, I imagine light armor being transparent or very hard to spot, medium armor being fairly obvious but not bulky with gaps and various integrations, and heavy armor being more like a full suit of metal -- servos, tech, the works.

    Similar to Slander's view: I imagine certain things are reactive, like the nanoseer protect skill.

    So, this all means Steve's a dude wearing clothes and, that if you look at him pretty closely, you'll notice he's got a translucent sheath of armor poking through a few parts of his outfit.
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