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Announcements post #78: Gambling, plushies, collectibles!

<pre>From: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Subject: Gambling, plushies, collectibles!

Greetings Starmourners,

Aren't those marks burning a hole in your po--erm, accounts? They sure are! Time to go have some fun in Starmourn's casinos and treat yourselves to a night of dazzling sounds, dice, luck and cocktails! We've finally made our casinos the lively places they always deserved to be. No more wondering where that elusive roulette table is in Haxley's Casino! (Though you will still wonder how one plays Krellstones...we're still learning from the Elgan elders how that one goes).

So, starting right now, you can play:
- Roulette (find a roulette table and simply BET to start testing your luck)
- Poker (anywhere marked as such, you may start playing POKER with your friends. Texas Hold'Em for now)
- Slots (find a slot machine and PULL SLOTS)

However, we like to believe that the star of our casinos are the brand new claw machines sponsored by Adorabuddiez[R]!
You know the type: you kindly donate a few marks to it and you get to go home with a plushie that you manage to scoop up from the machine. Yes, plushies, dolls, stuffies, there's literal millions of them (no, really, there's some 130 million combinations of plushies you can find) and they'll be your new best friends. If you get a plushie, be sure to TOUCH it to learn more about it. They all have personalities and names!
To interact with a clawmachine, simply USE CLAWMACHINE.

Gambling venues may be found at:

- In a boisterous room crowded with gambling tables. (Scatterhome - Haven City)
- A gambling hall orbiting the Verge's tower. (Song - Song City)
- The churning, neon-lit interior of Malice. (Celestine - Litharge)
- The Golden Nova Casino (Scatterhome - Ishbi Canyon)
- Main floor of Haxley's Casino. (Krell - Biloxan)


Alongside this, we have some new promo additions!

First up, there are 2 new collectible sets:

- Shentones
* Completing the normal set will grant you a personal slot machine you can put on your ship
* Completing the foiled set will grant you an IMPROVED claw machine you can put on your ship. All the plushies you'll ever need!
- The Vurboks
* Completing the normal set will increase performance experience gains by 25%
* Completing the foiled set will increase the popularity your band gains when completing a gig

Secondly, we have a few new artifacts available:

- The Ship Hyperscanner is now available to all and comes in 3 tiers. The Hyperscanner allows you to SHIP HYPERSCAN <mineral/gas> and locate a distant commodity. 60/30/15 minutes cooldown.
- The Artist's Heritage allows you to perform more often and reduces your personal performance cooldown by 33%
- The PR Agent nullifies the popularity penalty if you miss a gig. NOTE: THIS ONLY WORKS IF YOU ARE THE BAND OWNER/CREATOR

Remember, every 100 credits you purchase you will gain a premium card pack that gives you a collectible card and some extra goodies (You may also purchase premium packs for 40 credits by using COLLECTIBLES PURCHASE PREMIUM).

For the extra goodies, we have a few new treats and some old treats:

- a novelty insta-holo camera : Allows you to PHOTOGRAPH [subject1] [subject2]...[subjectX] and take a selfie or a group photo with your favorite people at your favorite event. Remember to pose before taking a photo!
- a pair of six-sided dice : Just DROP these dice and see where your fates lie.
- a fireworks launcher : SHOOT FIREWORKS to launch some fireworks into the sky. 5 charges and they're gone for good
- a mildly interesting thing : Allows you to submit in a custom junk request. Add that item of your dreams to the global junk list
- a small messaging drone : Allows you to PUSH DRONE <person> <message> and send an anonymous message to anyone in the realms
- an aerosol can of smartpaint : You're all already used to this
- a silver microphone : TOUCH MICROPHONE to amplify your voice in the immediate surroundings
- a clear nanoplastic baggie : Fishees!
- a self-regulating autofeeder : No more hungry Fishees!
- a collectible card packet : an extra collectible card for you
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