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IC Announcement: Song on the Verge

Song on the Verge!

Tonight, August 16th, log in at 8pm EST for Starmourn's first ever player-run music festival!

Listen to the biggest bands in the sector and get exposed to new sounds from fresh new faces.

Purchase unique, festival-only merchandise from our vendors.

Socialize, celebrate, and party till you can't party no more!


This event has been organized entirely by players with help from our storytellers Soren and Ferenzi. We can't wait to see you there!

- WHAT is it? Song on the Verge is a big concert bash featuring as many names, big and small, as we can find. Bands, specifically - but solo acts too!
- Who'll be there? Bands and fans from all parts of the Sector.
- When's this thing happening? 1st of Centi around the Sync.* (OOC: Tonight, August 16th, at 8pm EST!)
- Where do I go? The Verge, Song City's hottest lounge! From Danica station, take a transport down to the city, then use the LANDMARKS command to find the Verge.


  • That was fun!

    The performers were great.

    It was cool to see Song City Hippies.

    It was also nice when Ninvahn asked for an autograph on his completed card set. Lmao.

    Kudos to @Steve and @Vega and @Asteyr everyone else involved in organizing.
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